TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Al: Obama outdid Conan at Correspondents’ Dinner

The TODAY anchors, along with E!’s Jason Kennedy, chat about the topic making headlines today, and Al gives his critique of the performances at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, saying he thought Conan looked down at his script too often.

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>>> willie geist is in rockaway beach , new york. one of the communities hardest hit by sandy, six months ago today.

>> good to see you. hard to believe it's six months. october 29th , sandy came ashore. this is a peninsula of 11 miles south here in queens. jfk international airport and to the north jamaica bay and water on both sides. it came through here hard. you can see the damage behind me six months on. they are still working through how to get the money to begin replacing and fixing some of the damage here. you have to consider what this place where i am standing bell harbor in the middle of the rockaways has been through. september 11 , 2001 . they lost 70 people, a community full of firefighters and police officers . then two months later on november 12th , 2001 , that commercial airliner you may remember, an american airlines flight on the way to the dominican republic crashed. 260 people on board died and people on the ground died as well. six months later dealing with super storm sandy. to a man and everyone we talked to, they want to stay put and rebuild. this is their home. there people here who lived here generation after generation after generation. they don't know where else to go. this is home to them. what they need is help from the government and money to be freed up and need attention to be focused on this place again. we will do that this morning and talk about breezy point and the fire that took place behind me. the firefighters lost many of their homes and had to stand and watch as the fires really reduced their homes to ashes and couldn't do much about it because of the storm surge . a lot to talk about.

>> a story that will continue on for a long time coming. we will check back in a couple of minutes with you again. thank you for that. let's get to take two. matt's very revealing interview with martha stewart . she is talking about her new book and aging and getting older. why should she care. she looks amazing. she talked about her personal life and about dating. apparently martha is is looking for love .

>> do you like dating?

>> oh, yeah?

>> really?

>> yes.

>> you are one of the first people who said i love dating.

>> i was thinking about going on

>> you would go online?

>> i tried filling out the application.

>> did you use an alias?

>> no, i want to go with the real thing. i started laughing halfway down the page.

>> as you heard, she tried to go on and started to fill out the profile and apparently told matt she is looking for someone who is tallish, handsomish and youngish.

>> she is 71 and hasn't been in a relationship for a couple of years and people frown on the online dating thing and it never was a desperate thing in my opinion. i commend her on being open.

>> online dating is the way a lot of people are going because it is so hard. you go to a bar or a place in new york and people say they are single and it's impossible to meet the kind of people you want to be in a relationship with. a lot of people are going to these websites because they weed out those you don't top the meet and give you the kinds of people thaw do.

>> the interesting thing, people over 60 are the fastest growing demographic using online dating .

>> a lot of people e-mailing me if you are looking for women over 60 or 70, i'm looking. it's interesting.

>> she dated sir anthony hopkins . is she going the celebrity route?

>> i don't remember that.

>> lima beans and i can anty.

>> have you sleen gladiator movies?

>> i love that.

>> the white house correspondent, an annual event where hollywood, politics and washington all comes together.

>> you went?

>> it was cool and one of the best gags of the evening, the president does a great stand up routine, but it was a video with steven spielberg after the success of lincoln, he wanted to do obama and find a great actor to take the lead role. check it out.

>> picking the right actor to play obama was the challenge. who is obama really? we don't know. i needed someone who can dive in and become barack obama . it turns out the answer was right in front of me all along. daniel day lewis . he nailed it.

>> was it hard playing obama . i will be honest, yeah, it was. this accent took a while.

>> i love you back. let me be clear about this. the cosmetics are challenging. you wouldn't believe how long it takes to put the ears on in the morning.

>> that was good. he was inspire and playing joe biden .

>> what did you think about conan? he did look down a lot.

>> he was reading and the president had a script, but he had a lot more eye contact. conan who is a professional performer, he used to be on tv every night.

>> he does stand up.

>> too soon.

>> he was looking down a lot.

>> but still he was funny.

>> yes, he was.

>> when are he said the inappropriate jokes, i anticipate the cut away of obama and he laughed every time. it was all in good fun.

>> a good night for the after parties. how late did you stay out?

>> only 12:30 . savannah was out until 2:30.

>> you make a handsome pair?

>> let's not get anything started.

>> nicely done. very good. we will check back in in a little bit, but we have news to get to. in boston, the boston bombing investigation continues. nbc news learned