TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Teens get creative with elaborate ‘promposals’

It’s prom season, and these days the pressure is on to not only to find a date but to come up with the most elaborate, daring way to ask someone to the big dance. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren shares some of the best of this year’s “promposals.”

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>>> prom season is in full swing and if you spend time online, finding a date can be a major production. kristin is here with news on that. good morning.

>> makes you glad you are not a teenager anymore.

>> for a lot of reasons.

>> for used to be getting up the nerve to ask a girl to prom is one of the toughest thing to do. now there is the prom posal. for those of us out of high school longer than we would like to admit, this is a whole new animal. nature is filled with odd rituals. dancing flamingos, moon walking birds. high school seniors. asking a date to prom is most definitely not what it used to be.

>> at any point did you think in your shorts for the world to see was a good idea.

>> i thought it was funny until i decided to ask her to prom at which point wri thought nobody will like it. they will think some weird awkward kid.

>> this may not be what every girl dreams of, it worked.

>> what would have said yes?

>> prom posal is in. look online. there hundreds. songs. dances. even math equations. gone are the days of simply asking. these girls expect much more.