TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Map out your meals: 4 simple, flavorful dinners

Gerry “G.” Garvin of the Cooking Channel demonstrates how you can whip up four easy, budget-friendly meals this week, including beef stir-fry with jasmine rice and salmon skewers.

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>>> meals with four budget-friendly recipes. the host of the cooking channel's road trip with g. nice to see you. four meals and low budget and good variety. using a couple of ingredients. did you find this a hard challenge?

>> i did not. i like to shop and like to eat and have consistency. i don't want to have to do it all day.

>> before weigh start with the stir fry , you put the whole shopping list up. beef stir fry on monday.

>> it's great because i have the meat and the vegetables and easy to prep and a really great sauce.

>> you like flank steak ?

>> it's underrate and it's flavorful and not very expensive. you slice it against the grain. you get the garlic and the meat going. this cooks really quickly. start to finish, it's two minutes. we have the wok and you can use the saute pan at home. soy sauce . plum sauce .

>> all of it?

>> yes.

>> chicken stock . then we have the veggies. carrots, scallions, bamboo chutes, peppers, peppers, peppers. we simply saute it. wok it. that's all you want to do.

>> you will serve this over jasmine rice ?

>> yes. that is here and fresh scallions which you slice. you have rice and the stir fry and the veggies. everything you need and it's really, really easy to make as you can see.

>> it's a good way to start the week. that's monday. we will meet you around the back. salmon on tuesday. you will use salmon later in the week as well.

>> on thursday. here's what's great about this. i got the salmon and i slice it for this for the secures. i get my veggies. olive oil , okay? i use shallots. a little garlic. artichokes that you have there. sun dried tomato , okay?

>> the goods thing about salmon is it tastes great.

>> the bad thing is you know it's there for a week.

>> for leaves ayling lingering odor.

>> you see how easy this is. this is one of the things you want to capture. if you have homework and laundry and kids or a busy schedule, this stuff works well because it's really quick. you can buy stuff that is store-bought. artichokes and sun dried tomatoes.

>> artichokes are really, really good for you. you plate the vegetables and put the salmon on top?

>> we have that ready. we just grill this. indoor grill.

>> this time of year most people can do it outdoors. that eliminates that kitchen smell.

>> that indoor aroma. this is family style.

>> very nice.

>> that's tuesday. wednesday we move on to a coat cheese ravioli. more of that plum tomato sauce.

>> spinach and goat cheese .

>> if you have not worked with wonton skins, how easy is it?

>> very easy. my 9-year-old stuffs and folds them and you close it up and drop it in the water. cooks all of two minutes if that long.

>> that's budget-friendly.

>> you don't want to make it from scratch. you get the wonton and it's really, really simple. you can stuff it with anything. goat cheese , mushrooms, chicken, whatever you want . we have the micrograins and i like to put a little olive oil .

>> we have tuesday their and the ravioli for wednesday. on thursday we are going back with the salmon . you have a little left over and you are making screws?

>> skewers. you skewer it and plum tomato sauce. probably the only thing you get in the can and you saute them and if you want, it goes good with the ravioli and the skewers.

>> the house smells like salmon for the whole week.

>> when you walk in, i love salmon .

>> interesting to see what everybody goes for. forks in hand.

>> sorry this pasta?

>> artichokes.

>> sun dried tomatoes.

>>> welcome once again to this monday morning. a great group kicking off the workweek and spritzing a little