TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Top Google searches: Eagle cam, LivingSocial

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg shares the weekend’s most popular Google searches, including an eagle cam in Maine that is showcasing two bald eagle chicks in a nest, and the hacking of deals website LivingSocial.

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>> besides prom posals, what else are people searching for over the weekend? google technology is here to break things down. good morning. these are not the most searched terms, but those that did well.

>> we call them trending searches. between friday and last night. what people are curious about. the pulse over the internet. we put this list together.

>> former players searched a lot.

>> the nfl had lots of drama with different teams. the most emotionally compelling with steve gleason who is a former safety with the new orleans saints came out on a wheelchair. he was diagnosed with als, this degenerative brain and nerve disease. that's the third round pick from the saints. people responded to that and wanted to search about his story. searches for als were up. people wanted to know about the decease.

>> kelsey williams who is a cheerleader and dancer was searched commonly because of controversy.

>> she is a cheerleader and it was a game against the rockets and a blogger wrote about her referring to her and her cheerleading outfit as chunky. this caused a firestorm of controversy and undoubtedly people wanted to see what they looked like for themselves and weigh in on the discussion. it generated a lot of buzz.

>> there was a lot of buzz about the eagle cam. i love this idea.

>> you can think of this as the ultimate reality shows. the owl cams and panda cams and there these bird's-eye view of the creatures. this is a humboldt county , california eagle cam where you can see the babies being born.

>> they have two babies and we are peering in on their world.

>> they don't mind a lot. they won't say where this camera is, but people are wanting to see this. it's great for curious people like us , but also for education.

>> needless to say we don't often get to see them in their habitat. on to living social. i don't know if you call it a hack. they had a problem with the data.

>> the online data website. they did suffer from a cyber attack and suggested that people change their password if you are a customer. some data was compromised, but no credit card information. people want to know what happened and get more contents and see what to do to protect themselves.

>> it bears repeating that wasn't the information compromised, but names and e-mail addresses and things like that?

>> exactly. what people should do to protect themselves.

>> here's another one i did not know. the sun gym gang. commonly searched this weekend.

>> number one movie at the box office and it turns out from bo doing these searches, it's a true story . the body builders got together and you see the mug shots there. murder and kidnapping and money. almost stranger than truth. the movie is based on that and people might have been searching to say how much is reality and how much of it happened and getting that?

>> last but not least, poison ivy . 'tis the season.

>> have you seen poison ivy in the wild?

>> i don't know that i would recognize it.

>> exactly. that is why a lot of people are searching for it. they are not sure. did i city and did my kids touch it? the weather is better and people are outside. i am not sure if i came across it. you can see the images and what you can do to treat it.

>> it's better than realizing you have come in close contact with it after the fact.