TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Gabby Douglas: ‘My life has been a whirlwind’

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas talks about life after becoming the first U.S. gymnast to take home a team and individual gold medal. She also discusses her new book, “Raising the Bar,” and describes hitting the gym to start training again.

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>> good idea. coming up, gabby douglas talks about how her life has changed since london and the olympic games . first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> we are back at 8:35 with gabby douglas who made history at the london olympic becoming the first american to be a team and individual gold medalist .

>> good morning. good to see you too.

>> what were you doing this weekend? i know because i ran into you at the white house correspondent's dinner. did you have fun?

>> yeah, you?

>> we saw each other at a brunch and later you were out at night. how late did you stay up?

>> she didn't want to say.

>> did you have fun? did you see any celebrities that were excite something.

>> yeah, i did. it was an honor to be there.

>> this book is about how your has changed in the last year. it hasn't even been a year since the olympics . have you been having a lot of fun?

>> i have and i came out with two books after the olympics , but my life has been a whirl wind. i have been enjoying it.

>> you enjoy the dress up?

>> i love getting dolled up and in dresses. it's fun.

>> what do you hope is the message of the book?

>> to help people take away -- it's a fun book to raise the.

barry: it's a big scrapbook.

>> that's kind of fun. elaborate scrapbook. one of the things was meeting alicia keys .

>> she was a joy. i love performing on the stage and the vm a's is a fun thing for me. it was exciting.

>> you will return to the in a few weeks. are you excited?

>> i am. i am excited to get back in the swing of things.

>> you have been out for a year and walking in high heels . do you feel you have to get back in olympic shape. will it be hard?

>> it will be difficult because i have been out of the gym and i will be sore. i am excited for what's ahead of me.

>> you will be reunited with your host family who you are close to as well.

>> reunited with them and miss them. i haven't seen them in a while.

>> i hear you text with them all the time?

>> i do.

>> we want to do a lightning round . in the book there fun facts about you. i will ask you questions really quick. when you are training for the olympics , how many hours do you spend a week in the gym?

>> six days a week and i get sundays off. four hours monday, tuesday, and wednesday. 5 1/2 on tuesday and thursday and saturday.

>> you enjoyed the break, but that's the schedule you will go back to?

>> yeah.

>> do you have a favorite musical artist?

>> evansence and beyonce.

>> what kind?

>> hip cop and country as well.

>> do you have a celebrity crush ? i had to google him. he's from vampire diariys. have you met him?

>> yes, i have.

>> how many twitter followers do you have?

>> 776,000?

>> that's a lot. do you tweet a lot?

>> i do tweet, yeah.

>> you are out there tweeting when you are on the red carpet and do you take a lot of pictures?

>> love taking pictures and tweeting. interact with my fans. they know what gabby douglas is doing. that's fun for them as well.

>> have you had a chance to catch your breath? it seems like you have been running since july.

>> i have. there times where i can't, but most of the times it's just the air.

>> you are having an adventure and now you have the scrapbook published so you remember this time. it's special. always good to see you. once again, the book is called