TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Lauren Graham talks passion for writing

“Parenthood” actress Lauren Graham chats with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about her first novel, “Someday, Someday, Maybe,” and reveals it was Diane Keaton who inspired her new project by telling her, “You should write a book.”

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>> listings.

>> thank you. a role as a single mom on the series gilmore girls and parenthood about the lives of the large and very colorful braverman family. she is adding some, som day some day maybe. you look really good. no puffy eyes because you tweeted this morning, idea for the "today" show. let's start a few hours later and call it the felt like sleeping in longer show. matt, are you with me. # puffy eyes .

>> the morning is not my time.

>> congratulations, parenthood picked up for a fifth season.

>> it's unheard of in these days of television.

>> that are takes pressure off and allows you to pursue your passions like writing. both are about bringing characters to life and telling stories . how do you compare?

>> they were similar in a way. i wanted something that was mine to control, i guess. we started as a project for myself and that was easy and wrote the first 100 pages in a snap and then i sold it and it became the deadline that was harder to finish.

>> in the acknowledgements, you wrote thank you, diane keaton for responding to a story i was telling you. instead of you should save this for your therapist. the inspiration meant the world to me. explain that.

>> didn't agree with diane and literally i don't remember what the story was, but she was the first person to say to me for whatever reason, you should write a book and put it in my mind in a way that made it a possibility.

>> franny banks who is the main character is young and moved to new york with a time table to be successful in acting. is this autobiographical?

>> not the time table. there is a lot of me in all the characters. i wanted to write about the show business i know which is starting out struggling and tiny little steps, not the united states weekly show business of red carpet and fame. i just thought of this as a good coming of age story that a lot of people relate to.

>> what's nice is even though she hasn't had a lot of success, she remains optimistic. that's a nice character trait . another thing i loved in the acknowledgements, thank your dad for all those things. the characters come to life in your as well.

>> my father was a lover of reading books and he gave that to me for