TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Dr. Oz gives the lowdown on detox diets

Detox cleanses have become very trendy in recent years, but they aren’t for everyone. Dr. Mehmet Oz gives the scoop on them, sharing his own detox regimen and revealing how you can determine whether what’s right for you.

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>> trendy in recent years, but they are not always right for everyone. he is the host of the dr. oz show. do we really need to cleanse our bodies of toxins?

>> it works and you have to do it the right way. i will give you the expert view on this. a couple of tips, first, it works for appearance issues with baggy eyes and blotchy skin and if you people to your energy is low. it's not just about weight loss . it's about getting rid of allergies and your blood pressure is not in the right spot. i start with a detox. i have a sampling of what it may feel like.

>> some you can feel results in a few days.

>> you have to know how to do it right. that's key insights.

>> green juice . how did i know that?

>> this is not just any green juice . why did i pick this one? the fact that your gut, the flora in your gut has more cells than in the cells in your body. you will have leaky gut syndrome .

>> that sounds terrible.

>> does that taste reasonable to you?

>> that's pretty good.

>> this drink feeds the bacteria in your gut. you combine that with a probiotic which gives you more bacteria and that allows you to be protected from the outside world .

>> this is lunch on one of the detoxes.

>> you want to eat wet foods. those are foods that you require juice to eat them. beans and oats. for a snack, you might have hick ma. anyway, the thing about wet foods is that they get rid of bloating. green tea seeps for about 20 minutes . that speeds your metabolism up. one thing is all the detoxes you will lose weight . not while you are doing it, bz as a by product.

>> green tea has caffeine which is great if you are replacing caffeine.

>> it gives you energy which is what you want.

>> we return to green juice .

>> this is differently. one of the guys we have is an expert in juicing period. it takes like swamp water . you can ask and put hot sauce in there. hot sauce --

>> this does not make it look better.

>> you will thank me. when you have that punch to it, you can use different juices. these rest your body that you don't have to work to digest it.

>> how is it?

>> it's pretty good. it tastes like drinking plants. it's better than i thought it would be.

>> one last idea. you can't detox the body without the mind. deepak chopra is coming on. i will share it with martha. detox a lot of work issues and your purpose in life. you can get to sleep with a restful soul that allows you to cleanse your insides and outsides.

>> i feel better talking to you about it. thank you. learn more about the cleanses on the dr. oz show all week. check your local