TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Martha Stewart is looking for ‘the next Mr. Right’

Martha Stewart talks about her desire to find new love and gets some dating advice from her nephew Dan Slater, author of “Love in the Time of Algorithms,” and Sam Yagan, CEO of Match Inc. and co-founder of

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>> now it's time to take the next step. martha is here with her nephew, the author of love in the time of algo rhythms. and the founder of okay

>> never talk to matt about your dating.

>> you agreed to take it to the next step and allow us along with with sam and dan .

>> in the spirit of adventure, because i am an adventurer, since i read dan 's book and he is my new nephew. he married my niece, sophie, then of course, there he is. he is running that show now. do you think i could possibly maybe find a match like many of my employees?

>> millions of people have done it. what we know is we can get you great first dates. finding a soul mate might be difficult. for anyone it's tough, but for celebritie celebrities, dating is so different. we can get you great guys who you can have a great time with.

>> i don't like the word soul mate .

>> advice. should she go under martha stewart or a photo or no photo.

>> this is my most recent photo. it's pretty, right? you like this?

>> you can use them both. don't choose. i would recommend not putting your true identity because it would be distracting to the initial conversations where everything will be about talking to martha as opposed to getting to know the person first.

>> the crazies.

>> they don't like the word crazies. that's not good.

>> the problem with attractive women online is they get inundated with messages.

>> i don't have that much time.

>> online dating is such a great thing.

>> you know what you are looking for if a man. what are you looking for in a relationship? a companion or a partner and would you consider marrying again?

>> depends.

>> that's okay. not everyone is looking for the same relationship. that's why it's important to put who you are looking for.

>> i like to have breakfast with somebody and go to bed with somebody. sleep with someone.

>> you would be a popular online dater.

>> when did this start with you?

>> i just wrote this book and it's a very professional relationship.

>> the first time i met martha we talked about her past suitors. this is a subject that has been on her mind for a long time.

>> we can launch this now?

>> i have to fill out the application.

>> two words too. we will work on that. sam, thank you. dan , thank you. martha , you are a great sport.