TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Martha Stewart: ‘I never think about’ aging

TODAY’s Matt Lauer pays a visit to Martha Stewart’s home to talk about her new book, “Living the Good Life.” They discuss everything from her philosophy on aging to her love of dating and search for Mr. Right.

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>> martha stewart has written 79 books and the newest is different. it's called living the good long life. i spent time with her to talk about everything from her philosophy on aging to dating.

>> notice matt leaves the job partially done.

>> you want me to fill this?

>> i can stay here for the entire year.

>> martha is living the good long life. at the age of 71, she shows no signs of slowing down.

>> this is not your only form of exercise. you are a jgym person.

>> every day. this is better exercise.

>> a work out it was. you can easily get bow-legged doing this.

>> good for your inner thighs.

>> that was fun for me, martha . i'm going to take off now. thank you for that.

>>> you one of the people who has been bothered or worried about aging?

>> i never think about it.

>> not even in your 30s and 40s?

>> i didn't think about it at all. i didn't think about it until my mother passed away .

>> if age is a number and you told me you think it is, what is your emotional number?

>> me emotionally, i would say probably i'm 45 or 50. something like that.

>> i like your golden rules on aging. one is sleep. that's one of the best ever. sunscreen and more emotionally. stop complaining and change what you can and accept what you cannot.

>> exactly. i think that's really good sound advice . i follow that. i still complain. i'm kind of a complainer, but not about getting old. i complain about something that can be fixed.

>> you are martha stewart . are there days when you wake up when there is just a lot of pressure attached to being martha stewart ?

>> there are, actually. i go to the skbrim get dressed and go to work and see my animals and watch my things growing in the garden.

>> do you wish you could wake up and not be martha stewart ?

>> no. no. you work hard to become who you are if you want to be someone. no. i have never regretted being martha stewart .

>> for martha , success came later in life, publishing her first book in her 40s and starting a company in her 50s. building a strong following along the way.

>> the die-hard martha fans, they seem to connect with you and i look around and they have so little in common with you.

>> that's not true, matt.

>> they can't identify with this.

>> i never think that way. i think that the lady who is waiting on me at the local diner who has kids in school and mouths to feed, i think she probably has as nice of a life as i have. she only wants to improve her life and lifestyle.

>> you are creating these books and coming up with the inside for these books and television segments, you are envisioning that concern who has what would be mostly considered a pretty normal life .

>> i grew up with a very normal life . probably less than normal life . one of six kids in a modest home with parents who worked really hard to make ends meet.

>> for someone as famous as you, i am often amazed that so little is written about your personal life . your social life . i don't mean the parties. i mean romantic social life .

>> i have a long time boyfriend. that ended a couple years ago. i haven't found the next mr. right.

>> do you like dating?

>> oh, yes.

>> you are one of the first people who said i love dating.

>> i was even thinking of going on

>> you would go online?

>> i tried filling out the application.

>> would you go with an ale yes.

>> yes. i started to laugh halfway down the page. martha stewart went on as martha stewart .

>> i was going to and i couldn't fill it out.

>> the section where it says what are you looking for in a man.

>> i did fill that out. i put youngish.

>> meaning.

>> youngish. active.

>> not in age?

>> no. energetic. outdoorsish. really smart.

>> successful?

>> successful is important i think for him.

>> because it would be hard for him if he were not successful --

>> tallish.

>> a lot of ishes. you are actively --

>> i am always looking. are you kidding?

>> you are interested in a relationship?

>> yes.

>> i have a feeling after this --

>> i might get propositions? i might get some dates?

>> i was at a baseball game and you were there.

>> i had the best time.

>> someone said can you fix me up with martha stewart ?

>> what did you do?

>> i didn't know.

>> i will give you my phone number , all of them.

>> i am blown away by this.