TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Duchess Kate visits hospice on 2nd anniversary

As they prepare to become first-time parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating two years since their fairy-tale wedding. But may not have much time to spend with each other as Kate marks the day with a visit to a children’s hospital. NBC’s Keir Simmons report.

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>>> cambridge are celebrating their second anniversary today. icate is making it a charitable occasion. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it's hard to believe it is now two years since crowds gathered here to watch the royal couple come out on to the balcony and treat everyone to a newlywed kiss. prince william as i understand has now decided whether or not to leave the military. there was simply so much to do as a husband, as a royal, and soon as a dad. since that fairy tale wedding, the duke and duchess of cambridge have traveled the world and become the people's favorite.

>> they truly recognized on the global stage and international stars and the face of the modern monarchy.

>> as kate prepares to be a mom, friends are texting her with baby names and a chance to reflect. she established herself as a style icon and found her voice. this weekend a message for children's hospice charities.

>> children's hospices provide lifelines for families the a time of unimaginable pain.

>> she will make a visit and william on shift at the royal air force , she won't even have time to see each other. sometimes royal life is not. there have been challenges, the infamous topless pictures of kate and william was furious. severe morning sickness and the death of a nurse after kate was pranked by radio d.j.s.

>> the truth is there have been scandal and great successes.

>> all the attention the media pressure is tough on the cover and with the baby's arrival set for mid-july, the focus will be as intense as ever and will add proud parents to the long list of responsibilities and behind the cameras. even for royals being parents will surely be their greatest challenge yet. as you know, i have just become a dad recently and i really mean it when you say you have no idea what's coming.

>> in a good way, right?