TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Jackson lawsuit against concert promoters begins

The civil suit filed by Michael Jackson’s family against the singer’s concert promoters could last three or four months, with tens of millions of dollars at stake. The Jackson family aims to prove the promoters were responsible for Jackson’s death. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> opening statements in the civil trial tied to the death of michael jackson . mike is in los angeles outside the courthouse this morning. good morning.

>> good morning. it is a civil suit alleging fraud and brief of contract that could take three or four months to try. tens of millions at stake or maybe more. they are hoping to prove the concert promoters were responsible for michael jackson 's death. they are hoping the jury will find while conrad murray administered the fatal dose of propofol, he remains in jail for charges of manslaughter. he didn't shoulder all or even most of the responsibility for the pop star 's death. aeg live failed in their duty to protect jackson's health.

>> the plaintiff or the children will have to show that aeg knew or should have known that dr. conrad murray was negligent or his care of michael jackson was going to lead to all sorts of problems.

>> aeg denies liability and said the company didn't choose or hire dr. murray adding it was not foreseeable that he would administer anesthesia and michael jackson would die as a result of the overdose of that anesthesia. murray is one of 200 names on the witness list for both sides. among the others who can testify, his mother katherine, older children, siblings and two ex-wives and music industry giant quincy jones , prince, and diana ross . the turning point could be murray who was recently repeating to savannah what he said all along. his trial jury got it wrong. he was completely innocent.

>> i am going going to accept responsibility for anything i did not do.

>> because he appealed his guilty verdict, he will take the fifth if called to testify unless his lawyer said he feels the prior witnesses in this case have lied about it. today opening statements on both sides, presenting the cases they will try to present with our without dr. murray as the star witness.

>> from los angeles for us, thank you very much.