TODAY   |  April 29, 2013

Rep. King: FBI ‘should have done more’ about Tsarnaev

New York Rep. Peter King discusses the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, saying the FBI should have kept its previous investigations on Tamerlan Tsarnaev more active.

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>> king, a republican from new york is a member of the house homeland security committee and with us from bell harper queens. he is checking in on the progress from sandy. good morning to you. we will have more on sandy later on in the show, but i want to talk about the boston bomb investigation and ask you about the reports we know how it is the russians became aware of tamerlan and they wire tapped him having a conversation with his mother and another person s. that a critical piece of information that may have changed how fbi agents investigated him? have they had that information back in 2011 ?

>> no doubt if the russians are giving the fbi the information they had regarding the mother and the son and their views on the mother's radicalization and the son's radicalization, it would have changed the investigation and forced the fbi to go further and get to the bottom more quickly. yes.

>>> you satisfied with the help the russians are providing now in the investigation?

>> no way of knowing. they are cooperating more, but the congressman said there is not full trust between the united states and the russians . they don't want to give us information that will give away sources or methods. it's a bit of a dance. they want to give as much as they can, but nothing that give us an idea as to how they do their intelligence.

>> i'm sorry to interrupt you. on "meet the press" on sunday you told david you felt the fbi agent who is interviewed him in 2011 gave him the benefit of the doubt on too many occasions.

>> i can't say specifically, but the instances that i thought the fbi looked further and they realized how often you find someone having three coincidences? i thought they were too quick to close that out and they should have done more and checking him out and a lot more than they did. to me it was enough smoke there whether or not there was fire, there was enough smoke.

>> really quickly, rather than someone radicalized these young men, do you believe they had outside help in terms of training or financing?

>> i think they have to. i have no evidence of it, but when you find this many bombs put together so well like getting all the equipment and the devices and assembling it, it's difficult to believe two people could have done that on their own living in a tiny apartment with his wife and daughter and the other brother going to school. too much is perfectly synchronized than two guys doing it on their own. i believe that there had to be fasilltation and possibly coconspirators. no guarantees, but if i had to bet, one way or the other, we will find others were involved.

>> good to have your perspective, sir. thank you very much.