TODAY   |  April 28, 2013

Duchess Kate offers support for terminally ill children

Duchess Kate has done a string of appearances these past few weeks, and one of the charities that has emerged as dear to her heart is the children's hospice, which supports the families of children who are dying. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> in britain, the most-watched couple in the world is about to celebrate their second anniversa anniversary, and it seems that the duchess of cambridge is busier now than ever. yes, there is that pregnancy, as well. michelle kaczynski has the latest from buckingham palace . michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: hi. kate has appeared at a string of events over the last few weeks and one of the charities that's emerged that's dear to her house, children's hospice. supporting the families of children dying. this morning, she released her first recorded message for that cause.

>> children's hospices provide lifelines to families at a time of unimaginable pain. the support they give is vital. i've been fortunate to see it firsthand the remarkable work they do.

>> those who work with terminally ill children see kate 's support as transformational.

>> i think the fact that she's pregnant is soon to have a baby of her own will be heartening, her sense of empathy with these families.

>> reporter: yes, the duchess has let her growing pregnancy be known this past week, shedding demure coats for spring dresses. and like magic, generating global excitement and too many awkward zooms to count over kate 's bump. even debate in the press, is it small? is it big? the headlines, kate blooms. the sun's finally here and so is kate 's bump. and for all of her fashion choices, kate 's overall radiance led " vanity fair " to name her the world's best dressed pregnant woman . with only three months to go, she's overseeing the renovation of her new home in kensington palace which won't be ready quite in time.

>> instead, they'll bring the baby back to their modest cottage on the palace's estate. they'll be slumming it a little bit for a couple of months.

>> reporter: from this unusual moment, it seems prince harry is preparing as well.

>> this is exactly how my brother will do --

>> reporter: he's at a center for people with brain injuries, trying tasks that help them heal. also at children's organizations learning to deejay -- [ cheers ] -- and read the news.

>> thank you, jo ann. now, let's see what today's weather has in store.

>> reporter: the royal uncle sure to entertain the new baby. and what were you doing two years ago? clearing your schedule to watch the royal wedding , of course. william and kate are expected to celebrate their second wedding anniversary tomorrow in private. although kate will spend her day visiting a children's hospice. erica?