TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Man cuts up entire watermelon in 21 seconds

The man who “wields a knife like a third hand,” according to TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe, is a produce manager at a supermarket in Florida and can cut up an entire watermelon into bite-size pieces in under 30 seconds. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> in the world who isn't annoyed by the question can you cut up this entire watermelon for me? it is this guy who wields a knife like a third hand taking a whole watermelon and cutting it into bite sized pieces in 21 seconds . that is one whole watermelon in 21 seconds . what do you do with that kind of talent? just like in the olden days you go straight to the internet. the video already has nearly 3 million views on youtube. either we don't have enough to watch or people are just having, you know, confusing times with watermelon.

>> what i want to know is how quickly could he do one of those watermelon baskets you put the fruit salad in. a phenomenal followup question.

>> thanks, jenna.

>> i am going to have him make one of those for your baby shower . you'll love it. we'll do the baby carriage . maybe 31 seconds.

>> how do you think this happened? tried cutting watermelon with