TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Springtime barbecuing with Sandra Lee

Now that warmer weather has arrived, Food Network star Sandra Lee is grilling up a feast! She made pork chops with a chilled bean and tomato salad, fresh and crispy slaw, and a pear tart. TODAY’s Lester Holt, Erica Hill and Jenna Wolfe helped Sandra Lee cook it all up.

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>> sandra lee is here with some recipes "every dish delivers" and also from " sandra lee " magazine. nice to see you this morning.

>> it's beautiful out.

>> gorgeous. perfect time for barbecuing. is there a lot of prep work here?

>> no. in fact, we're going to make a ten-minute dinner in four and a half minutes. we have to get to our stags. you are the grill master.

>> okay.

>> you are going to do a grilled pork chop very quick. what we have here are one-inch thick on-the-bone pork chops , about four minutes on each side. just hit them with a little salt and pepper .

>> okay. all of them. that's a lot of salt.

>> well --

>> you are the person they talk about.

>> i'm the one. there goes the demo. hold the italian seasoning.

>> okay.

>> i'll rub these with olive oil so they don't stick. take these and go on the grill face down.

>> the tendency is to want to overcook when you're doing pork.

>> there you go. good. perfect. go for it.

>> all right.

>> only going to cook them four minutes.

>> on each side. now we'll hit them with a little more salt.

>> all right.

>> a little .

>> and pepper.

>> my popcorn. okay. all right.

>> the cooked pork chops go on to the platter. i will finish up these.

>> okay. let me use a different one for this.

>> okay. good.

>> it's okay to be a little pink on the inside. you were starting to say that.

>> yes.

>> you want them to sit for about five minutes and now is when you put on the italian seasoning and that heat will bring out the flavor. as they sit there for five minutes they'll get even more flavorful because of the seasoning.

>> all right.

>> and the juice will recirculate.

>> we are making a tomato and bean salad .

>> bean and tomato salad. red wine vinegar is already in the bowl.

>> salt and pepper .

>> italian seasoning. now take your whisk and whisk it together. now go for it.

>> it works better in the bowl instead of drizzling it on top.

>> i'm using a beautiful creamy white bean. use a kidney bean . whatever you want . in here this is going to be parsley. these are your cherry tomatoes and celery. all right. stir that up.

>> the colors are beautiful .

>> thank you.

>> you're welcome. you're beautiful in that.

>> my gosh. you're beautiful in that. everybody is beautiful .

>> everything is so beautiful .

>> that goes underneath your pork chop . then the top of your celery stalk. place that on top. there is your dinner literally ten minutes.

>> it looks lovely.

>> you need a little side.

>> yes.

>> we need a little cole slaw . this looks really colorful and fresh.

>> this is a store bought, prechopped cole slaw mix.

>> easy.

>> this is yellow pepper and tarrag tarragon. you can buy cole slaw off the shelf.

>> you're saying it's okay and you're fine with it and it tastes good.

>> everybody has different tastes. we are going to change the taste. we're going to add a little honey.

>> okay. all right.

>> you grab the mustard.

>> okay. then lemon juice and lemon zest . then poppy seed .

>> okay. nice.

>> whip that together. go for it. and then what you're going to do is pour that right over the top of this. toss everything together. you have a beautiful , grilled dinner with two sides.

>> nice and easy.

>> that is what you're going to find in the book and magazine.

>> do i get to eat this, too?

>> very nice.

>> i have dessert for you already.

>> i normally come and bring you cocktail time as my gift. this is dessert and cocktail time in one. it is a beautiful pear tart with puff pastry and pear brandy inside.

>> yum.

>> the alcohol will cook out.

>> okay. thank you for bringing that up. you can taste. go ahead. i'm using sliced pairs, canned pears. the juice with the egg, two banks of puff pastry 20 minutes in the oven.

>> great to have you here. thanks very much. you always bring the treats and make it simple.