TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

How loudly does your style speak for you?

“Remember smile and color will make a great first impression,” said TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas, who offered quick and easy tips on the best way to get noticed on the street. TODAY’s Erica Hill and Jenna Wolfe interview Bobbie Thomas.

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>> bobbi is here with us this morning on the plaza. you picked some friends to volunteer from out here. you'll give them a few tips to help improve their style and that first impression.

>> yes. i just want to say if you think about walking into the drug store , the aisles are filled with products and billions of dollars, billions have been spent on not what's inside but on getting your attention, what the color of the box is, the font, and we are just as worthy as a tube of toothpaste in making a good impression so that's what the power of style is all about.

>> absolutely.

>> i wanted to have the help of linee who is a lovely girl in our crowd and she is wearing a great outfit.

>> i love that.

>> perfect weekend outfit. we'll show you how you can draw attention up to your smile.

>> okay. everybody talks about it. we're going to add a little color . everybody talks about how your smile was really what gave their feeling of your' approachable, i can talk to you.

>> right.

>> i think this is really important to draw the attention up because your smile is the sexiest, most beautiful curve on your body.

>> can you really wear that necklace?

>> absolutely.

>> i'm in.

>> if bobbi says you can you can.

>> with just a little color , not too much, but the necklace and a little bit of color draws your attention up immediately so that you're looking at her gorgeous smile and so i think that's something you can do really quickly with your jeans and a t-shirt.

>> a little lip stick. we can do that.

>> come on over here.

>> another thing that, you know, is impressive -- amy is so happy.

>> do you notice a theme? a lot of people wear black and that's fine. i love black, too. but color and patterns can really grab attention, too. if you want to get noticed on the street, if you want somebody to ask you out on a date like charlotte is hoping for -- charlotte is single, everybody. available. so when i saw amy she had this on, a sweatshirt, and she is casual and wants to go to the gym and run errands. if she unzips her sweatshirt, this big reveal, i put on a denim shirt. this is just as casual, but it looks -- there you go.

>> amy is having a great time with this.

>> i love you. her friend over there is turning 50. a shout out. this is a great alternative. it looks a little more polished and tailored. i'm going to wrap you up in my own color because the best way to get attention is to look soft, approachable. just wrap up in this gorgeous color .

>> ooh.

>> and someone is going to notice. i like it. charlotte, you are not going to be single for long.

>> no.

>> so remember. smile and color . two things that everybody can use to give a first impression.

>> thanks to all of you for being with us this morning. stay with us. we'll be back with more. first this is "today" on nbc.