TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Is Steve Harvey the next Oprah?

So far this season, the surprise among the new daytime talkers is Steve Harvey. However, Harvey has worked long and hard to become an overnight success, and some have suggested that he may be the next Oprah. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> crowded field of daytime talk show hosts steve harvey stands out from the competition. in fact, there is even the question of whether he could be the next oprah. as mike taibbi reports, harvey has worked long and hard to become what some say is an overnight success.

>> reporter: the steve harvey show isn't the surprise hit of the new daytime talk season because the 56-year-old host can do zomba and it is not because of his sitcom or his radio show that claimed 7 million listeners or the game shows and comedy specials he's hosted. it's not because he wrote a semiserious best seller that became a movie.

>> ladies, do you understand the mindset of a man?

>> reporter: that earned about a hundred million in ticket sales. it's all that and more -- decades of building a crossover brand that's already dusted jeff probst , rickie lake, and anderson cooper in the field of new afternoon talkers and even has katie couric looking over her lavishly budgeted shoulder.

>> he's been around for a really long time, giving advice and people trust him. suddenly it's all come together for him in a big way.

>> it was once famously said a star is nothing but a big ball of gas, an admirable bit of self-depp ra education self-deprecation who is already a legend. you have to have something to get there. apparently harvey does. one viewer asked, could he be the next oprah? who by the way was thrilled to be the guest on his show.

>> i never thought of this before. i'm having an ah ha moment right now.

>> reporter: big names have been streaming toward his guest chair. as much a sign of a show on the rise as the ratings trending upward. how far upward? and once there, will it last?

>> i had oprah winfrey on my show!

>> you get oprah winfrey coming on your show doing confessionals? you know you've made it.

>> reporter: as certain as he demonstrated in one of his ask steve segments when a woman begged him to teach her to dance is that the man does have some moves. for "today" mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .