TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Royals make magic with ‘Harry Potter’ wands

The British royals brought their star power to the “Harry Potter” movie studio and tried their hand at some magic tricks. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> the news because they did something -- anything really. the duke and duchess of cambridge along with prince harry toured the new harry potter exhibit at the warner brothers theme park near london, getting their own wands and a few lessons in how to use them. other reportable things they did was take a walk and then they had lunch. just wanted to pass that along. it was a busy day for them.

>> they were breathing too.

>> i read somewhere, she is wearing a polka dot dress there and wherever she bought it from they sold out immediately.

>> it's amazing how that happens.

>> not stuff i normally read.

>> sure he doesn't. right?

>> you digest it. you process. now you told america.

>> i didn't know the name of the store. you have to google it.

>> he just know. just not telling.

>> top shop?

>> there you go. but you can't get it anymore.