TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Retta on ‘Parks and Recreation’: My face hurts from laughing

Retta stars alongside Amy Poehler as the sassy Donna Meagle on the NBC hit show “Parks and Recreation.” Retta told TODAY’s Erica Hill and Lester Holt about what it’s like behind the scenes, and said she likes Twitter because she doesn’t like to be alone.

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>>> lucky you and lucky us. we have a special guest this morning on the plaza. she stars as donna on "parks and recreation" and here with us today. nice to have you with us on the plaza.

>> thank you. i appreciate it.

>> you guys are wrapping up season five. what a terrific ensemble. what is it like coming to work with so many funny people every day?

>> my face hurts but i'm working on my abs. everybody is really funny, really talented, really skilled. i am not an improver and everyone is really good at it. i'm learning more about that and just being around the people is really great.

>> what a great place for on-the-job training too. you have a huge following and donna does. you also have a huge following on twitter.

>> i do.

>> unforettable is the handle. you're funny on twitter.

>> thanks. i started doing stand ups and i found my calling on twitter oddly. i don't like to be alone so twitter makes me feel like i have people with me all the time.

>> i understand. treat yourself is mentioned on twitter every six minutes.

>> i know.

>> it was in an episode right? one line that you had. and it took off.

>> it was -- i can't remember. i think it was -- the rangers episode where tom and donna once a year go and get massages and spend money on clothing and leather goods and that episode is i feel like what made people know who i was. treat yourself.

>> great to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> we'll be watching for the season finale which is may 2nd and come back and see us any time.