TODAY   |  April 27, 2013

Dylan joins volunteers for Comcast Cares Day

Hundreds of volunteers joined together in Highlands, N.J., to help rebuild the region that was devastated by Sandy and is still struggling to get back to normal. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer joined in to help, while thousands across the world also pitched in in their communities. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> but she is in good hands. today is a chance for people who work for our parent company to help out around the world. dylan is in highland, new jersey this morning lending a hand.

>> good morning. hanging out on the jersey shore on a saturday morning is not a bad thing. but it is comcast cares day. we are in highlands, new jersey. this is one of the single largest corporate sponsored charity events across the country. so you can see we've got a whole bunch of comcast employees and friends here. we are expecting about 300 to 400 volunteers here, alone, today. there are more than 600 events going on across the country. for the first time, comcast is taking their efforts abroad. we're going to see volunteers in london, france, also in australia, germany, too. so this is one of the biggest events across the country, one of the biggest corporate volunteer events. it is going to be absolutely perfect here in