TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

How to shake off dandruff for good

Dermatologist Jeanine Downie says that dandruff affects up to 10 percent of the population. The good news is, it can be treated with mineral oil and topical gels and by not washing your hair too frequently.

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>>> series, how to deal and our very first topic is dandruff?

>> are you tired of scratching those flakes. here to rescue is dermatologist janine downey. tell us just basics, dandruff, you can always see it on someone's black jacket and it's very obvious. what is it?

>> you'll die of embarrassment. you see is it in about 5% of the population consistently. it affects everybody at some point in their life. it's dry, flaky skin, no the just the scalp. it can appear on the eyebrows, in the base of the nose, body folds, in the front of your chest and chin.

>> and climate change ?

>> it's stress, hormones, weather changes. it's family history. and for hair, it's product build-up.

>> how do you know if it's dry skin or dandruff?

>> sometimes you have to go see somebody, especially if it's not going away.

>> isn't dandruff dry skin ?

>> it's a severe form of dry skin with a redness that needs to be treated.

>> let's look at photos, because why wouldn't we want close-ups of dandruff.

>> these are some --

>> nobody is going to know who he is, that's good.

>> that's the lone ranger , everybody.

>> that's a wicked case of dandruff. that's somebody that's very stressed. you see this more in the winter.

>> it looks like he has some roseac roseacea.

>> look at that, hopefully that's not the same guy.

>> it's more prevalent among men and that women.

>> that was a man.

>> let's talk remedies, i think a lot of people who have this wish they could figure it out.

>> look at the flaking in the scalp.

>> so glad you came today what shall we do.

>> a matter of replenishing, right?

>> you can use this mineral oil if you want a good over-the-counter and people will put it in their scalps and comb the flakes out. and then you shampoo after. that can help and a lot of people do this for babies, because babies will have cradle cap .

>> but it's cute on them.

>> but not on adults. head and shoulders works wonderfully well.

>> they own the market for that.

>> my office manager loves this product and then this is the t-sal, that also is very consistent. and if you have flaking at the base of your nose and you can't get into a dermatologist, you can try a little lamasil.

>> and then these are prescriptions, the a scalp wash or topical cream , and this is a cream and also a shampoo.

>> and you said something about product build-up. how often should one wash their hair.

>> it with me, i wash once or twice a week but with a lot of african-american women they try to wait a week or two. after a week you really need to wash your hair. but a lot of people wash it every day.

>> does that make dandruff worse, if you don't wash it?

>> if you don't wash it, that can make it worse, but if you wash it too much, that can make it worse.

>> thank you, janine.

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