TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Weird beauty tip: Treat puffy eyes with frozen spoons

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares some offbeat beauty secrets with Kathie Lee and Hoda, such as using frozen spoons to get rid of bags under your eyes, mixing blush and bronzer to make a pretty glow, and thickening your hair with flour.

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>>> your face?

>> yeah.

>> get ready to stick it in a bowl of ice.

>> one of those great insider beauty secrets we're divulging.

>> people style watch has compiled the 50 best beauty tips and contributing editor and "today" contributor jill martin is here to share them like stuffing your face in a bowl of ice.

>> hi, jill .

>> hello.

>> does this work?

>> this is what i want to share this is from beauty experts, celebrities all over who have shared these tips. indicate hudson says i stick my face in a bowl of ice when my face looks tired. i do it again, it really depuffs.

>> she's a whack job.

>> oh, my gosh, jill .

>> i didn't wear makeup to show you.

>> i wondered what it was with you.

>> i thought jill is not feeling well today.

>> all right.

>> but look beautiful.

>> i really was wondering.

>> does it work?

>> they do make a cucumbers and pads that you put under your eyes. it really does work.

>> they're anti-inflammatory.

>> is going to make you shrink up.

>> i want to share with everybody.

>> you've never been more attractive to me.

>> your first celebrity tip.

>> and we should have left that for last.

>> so anyway, now maybelline foundation, make shoe you put it on your eyelids as well. because it acts as a primer and so when you put on eye shadow , it will make it stick longer. she has just blush on right now, from nars, that's her color.

>> see what makeup can do for you, jill ?

>> in the summer to not just use brushes, also add bronzer. so you'll get this dewy look. then if you a lot of people hold it so tight, you get so much color on her cheek, want to hold it a little farther back.

>> she has a beautiful cheek.

>> and make sure you blend it.

>> last look. get a little bit of gold. center of the eye. right like this.

>> and it will brighten your eye instandly.

>> we'll do a little of that for you, jill .

>> great makeup brushes, also from target. look how pretty those are?

>> this is fabulous. if you drop your makeup bag, or you just crack your compact, you take rubbing alcohol , you pour it in, you let it sit for the night, which we did last night and it's back together in the morning.

>> it heals itself?

>> it heal it isself.

>> overnight?

>> that's a way to save money. that's such a bummer.

>> i'm going to skip that one. let's move to this one, you're in the shower, you have very thin hair. which i do not have that problem. but people do. and they want to thicken their hair, they want it to look flour, equal amount conditioner, you put it in your hair and when you rinse it out and come out, your hair will be thicker.

>> it absorbs, it will make it thicker and you can bake easier.

>> you smell like a cake --

>> product, people overuse product all the time. a dime for serum, for cream a quarter-size, half dollar, gel and mouse, a golf ball size.

>> you look beautiful. you do.

>> no makeup, you look great.

>> i have one more thing to say.

>> she's not done.

>> this is your last thing. because of the keratine in my hair, i like, but take a piece of hair, put it right at the root. it will just add a little fullness.

>> thank you, jill .

>> thank you.