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TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Michael Buble ‘secretly hoped’ for baby girl

Three-time Grammy winner Michael Buble tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new album, “To Be Loved,” and admits that while he is excited about the upcoming birth of his son, he secretly wished his wife, actress Luisana Lopilato, were having a girl

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>> platinum recording artist, michael buble with his brand-new single called "it's a beautiful day ."

>> off his brand-new album. it's michael buble day, which is a collection of pop and soul standards, as well as original tunes, called "to be loved." and boy, is he loved.

>> you guys are hilarious.

>> he is really being loved at home.

>> big, big stuff. a new album, a brand new baby boy on the wam coming in august.

>> yup.

>> what's life like right now?

>> great. life is, you know what, i've got the most sexy pregnant, hot wife and i get to feel the baby kicking for the first time. you know, it's like i said, she comes, everybody, everybody you know, lots of people have kids, but when you have a kid, it's like the center of your universe, nothing, the record, listen, i made a great record i'm proud of this record, it's the best thing i've ever done. people are going to love it and hear me smiling, but if you're asking me what matters to me? not even close.

>> when you found out it was a boy, michael, what were your thoughts there?

>> truly, hope it's healthy, don't care if he's gay, straight, doesn't matter. as long as he's happy. but i had secretly hoped for a girl.

>> really?

>> yeah, you know, i think girls are always daddy's girl. girls never leave dads. and boys, by the time he's 16 he'll want nothing to do with me.

>> people say that, but i'm telling you frank and cody are closer than they've ever, ever been in their life so don't let that stereotype affect you.

>> i'm like my father, i'm very close to my dad. i wasn't close when i was younger because i was a rotten kid.

>> but even rotting kids can turn out well.

>> "it's a beautiful day " you think its going to be a beautiful love song, and it is, kind of.

>> "it's like a beautiful day " like a revenge song. a song i wrote for an anthem for all of these people where they've been in a relationship that got dumped and now that they're gone, life is way better without them.

>> we all know that feeling.

>> these videos, are such fun. you feel like you want to get involved in the party that's going on. where did you shoot that, michael?

>> that's the "desperate housewives" set on universal.

>> wisteria lane.

>> and there's jamie presley . who was kind enough to have a bird poop on her head. she was so cute, so game. it was a long day, a little cartoon bird but they made her put like little goops of stuff on her head.

>> did you record a song with reese witherspoon ?

>> my second favorite song on the record.

>> she's just great. then i go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like i love you

>> why did you choose her?

>> i chose her because i met her a few times and i fell in love with her, i thought she was a really incredible person. and not, "walk the line" portrayal of june carter was the most amazing thing and i've said it a million times and i'll say it a million more, she's who you think she is she's who you want her to be. and now getting to know her, i think she's, she's untouchable.

>> all of those people out there that might be upset with her with her little incident last weekend --

>> you know as well as i know, we all know. everyone does stupid things, okay? we all do things that we should have thought better.

>> we'd like to have back.

>> but it's how we come back from them and i thought this woman couldn't have been more gracious and --

>> perfect apology.

>> she's a goddess.

>> she went up in your estimation.

>> yes, she did i wrote her. she's a goddess and i thought that you know, as liz said, i said to her, you're a goddess --

>> liz rosenberg. i said, reese you're a goddess, and not only that, your hair looks great. what's more important than that?

>> we are so happy for you.

>> please give your beautiful life our love, okay?

>> i absolutely will.