TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Eco-couture: Where to sell recycled items

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a website where you can sell your old wedding items, recycled bath products, and a key necklace that helps gives hope to others.

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>> let's bring our girl bobbie thomas!

>> bobbie is having a very big week.

>> how is the book?

>> i'm just so grateful.

>> how are the signings going? do you have any weekend we need to know about?

>> not this weekend. i should know the test.

>> that's okay, to find out more go to

>> because it's green week, i wanted to highlight some items that are very cool. did you know you could recycle your wedding? most of us spend so much money i'm learning on planning a wedding.

>> we can sell items from your wedding to other people who are planning theirs?

>> russell's blog. you can post them and upload them and sell them to other people. i love this idea. i've been looking on there.

>> dresses and everything?

>> there's dresses to decor and even if you're not planning a wedding, a special event or if you just want linens. there are people selling like one and two-pieces, a great way to upcycle nice things. not a waste of money. then this is a special project called the giving keys. i'm wearing some keys and all of these are old, discarded keys that now have a word on them like truth or inspire. when you get this necklace, you wear it, but if you see somebody who needs that word, you pass it forward and then people have been writing their stories on the giving

>> cool.

>> and tear-jerking amazing stories .

>> lovely, lovely.

>> bobbie is having one of the biggest weeks of her life, that's the way she rolls.

>> and another cool thing i found was uptown soak company. love the packages, made here in new york city , glass bottles . yes to blue berries, yes to strawberries. on and can you vote on shoes coming up for the wedding and diy decor, we need ideas.

>> bobbie is getting married at my house on may 31st .

>> we can't wait, it's going to be a party.

>> be a part of her wedding by going to our