TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Hoda’s baby-sitting nightmare: Tot dropped F-bomb

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss the recent “F-bomb” outbreaks on television and how kids seem to be cursing at younger ages. Hoda recalls a baby-sitting a 3-year-old who wouldn’t stop dropping the F-bomb on her.

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>>> hey, everybody, welcome to try-day, friday, april 26th , this year is going a little too quickly, hoda-woman.

>> but we're going to help you celebrate this friday, because we have entertainment on our program.

>> it's been michael bubl? week here at nbc. and we're thrilled.

>> he has a new cd out and it's so much fun. we're going to talk with our buddy michael bubryly.

>> he's one of the most happily married men expecting a baby i've ever met in my life.

>> he has a new cd out that's a lot of fun. he says may be his favorite cd of all.

>> they did it live, you know. and he was saying, i love my other ones, i'm so grateful for them. but i got to admit, a couple times i feel a little cheesy.

>> he said they cheesed me out.

>> he's adorable.

>> i haven't seen this, but i guess we have to promote it. because it's nbc.

>> let's tee this up, there's a program called "smash" the making of a musical and all that stuff. so who should be a guest star on "the making of a musical"?

>> kathie lee .

>> that's right, kathie lee .

>> they asked us to do a cameo, hoda-woman. you were on your book tour, you couldn't make it.

>> this one, you did not play yourself.

>> i played myself.

>> you played kathie lee monroe.

>> marilyn monroe meets kathie leigh gifford.

>> hey, i'vy. you did four shows over the weekend and flew out to los angeles , did leno last night. got home on the red-eye and here you are with us on the " today show ," it must be exhausting.

>> no, it's exhilarating, kathie lee .

>> are you ready to mambo?

>> i'm ready.

>> watch how it's done.

>> fun!

>> that's great.

>> that was cool.

>> everybody was -- that took six hours, by the way.

>> i didn't know all of that was happening.

>> me, either. it wasn't in the script the way it was --

>> what was that supposed to be.

>> i kept moaning and groaning, why do they need me for six hours. i was going to say hey girl . i didn't know until i got out to queens in some big warehouse. an old bagel factory or something.

>> where they shot it.

>> by the way, do you have your dancing shoes ? you're going to be in the number.

>> it was a lot of fun and they were so sweet. i'm sorry the show -- hasn't -- hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, it is such a fun show.

>> until now.

>> we're going to ask you nicely on saturday night at 8:00, 7:00 p.m . central, to watch it or tivo it. saturday night.

>> they've got some fantastic performances on there, lovely, lovely people.

>> that wig, you wore it well, girl.

>> you know there's been so much about cursing in the, in the news lately. of course david ortiz .

>> and aj clemente.

>> yeah.

>> remember him?

>> this guy -- nobody ever heard of him before. he's a household name now.

>> there's a lot now about kids cursing obviously they're hearing their parents and then they're doing it.

>> they're doing it in the school yard.

>> on tv.

>> all over the place. and the question is -- is it too much? and you know keep in mind the fcc is fining every time there's a curse word .

>> they didn't fine david ortiz , they said they agreed with him. i thought we missed an opportunity there to say, listen, standards are standards, we understand the emotion behind it, but there are so many children in that --

>> this happened at a boston red sox game.

>> shortly after the boston bombings. so we get it, we get did. but i was disappointed that -- i don't want anybody to be fined, it was in the moment. but then you can't say, bono was in the moment, too. who is the arbiter of it?

>> here's the thing about kids cursing. this terrified me. i was baby-sitting a kid. i don't know, six. he was a cute kid who lived up the street his name was todd and i was putting him to bed and his parents were coming and he looked at me and he dropped the f-bomb.

>> i thought his parents were going to think i said it. because i didn't, i go, don't say that. he kept saying it. and i --

>> the little nose-picker.

>> and all i thought was the parents would come home and say, did you say that -- i was praying he wouldn't say it and i left.

>> i go to the parents first thing when they come in --

>> if you were 12 or 13 or 14 --

>> something unfortunate that happened with your little nose-picker. tell them the truth, so later they wouldn't think that hoda-woman wouldn't have said it.

>> not even the s-bomb, the f-bomb. i was like, wow.

>> we're going to ask you, do you think it's okay for kids to say oh snap, or instead of, or oh shoot.

>> i think there are a lot of other words that kids use.

>> i like dagnabit.

>> didn't you say oh sugar when you were a kid?

>> my mother rarely, you know my mom. my mom, get the bleep ready, you guys, with the s-word. because my mom when she was really angry or so upset or something, she would go oh -- [ bleep ] bird. and we would look at -- my mother who was just the most prim and -- we would go what, and she said that's right, i said it. i was angry.

>> did you curse when your kids were growing up?

>> once i started dating sailors, everything in my life changed. my voice, whiskey sailors s and cigarettes.

>> one of the writers, someone wrote in and they wanted to tackle the topic of nicknames, a person writes in, we have a 2-year-old son named nicholas and we live in a friendly apartment building, our neighbors greet our son and they shorten his name to nicky. it grates on them, they want their child to be called nicholas . and they think it's insensitive.

>> i think that's the wrong word.

>> they want -- the neighbors to use his full name , nicholas .

>> so is it okay to correct someone who gives you your -- child a nickname?

>> yeah, yeah. personally, i think the first time you don't, i don't know. i mean i have so many nicknames for my children. but i mean --

>> if your child's name is kathleen and you're like, hey, kath, it's annoying.

>> it's the motivation of the person saying it. they're down there and playing with your child and they're sweet. i don't know, i think -- i think you pick your battles and that ain't one of them. are you ready in.

>> i've been ready for three weeks.

>> you have not let me do my friday funny.

>> hold on one second.

>> this is from facebook fan perry straisner. i believe it is. a guy calls in sick and his boss pleads no way. he pleads to his boss. no way, no, no, not today, we are way too busy to let you out today, is what the boss says, the employee says, i'm sick, my head hurts and i have a terrible stomach ache. the boss replies with a cure, hey, listen whenever i'm feeling lousy, i make love to my wife and it makes me feel better. you try that and get your butt in here.

>> about an hour later the guy walks into work and says, to his boss, you're right, it does work. and by the way, you have a very nice house.

>> that was a good one.

>> i want to thank the person who sent that in.

>> that's great.

>> let's bring our girl bobbie thomas!

>> bobbie is having a very big week.

>> how is the book?

>> i'm just so grateful.

>> how are the signings going? do you have any weekend we need to know about?

>> not this weekend. i should know the test.

>> that's okay, to find out more go to

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>> cool.

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>> lovely, lovely.

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>>> it's time for our johnson 's baby of the week, i'm so excited when we celebrate new moms and their adorable new additions to their lives. sasha in grove city , ohio, making william a big brother and mom and dad very proud. next up is maurice, he was born in michigan on march 22 .

>> march 22 , cody gifford's birthday?

>> exactly.

>> and mom says the long, sleepless nights are worth it.

>> and our third today's johnson 's baby of the week is elle, born february 27 , not far from us here on long island. what a cutie she is. so congratulations to all the babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in today's johnson 's baby of the week, go to and i also -- speaking of babies --

>> thank you to johnson 's for doing that.

>> switching from babies to moms, we're doing the most deserving mom contest, sponsored by

>> am i allowed to nominate myself?

>> no, no, no.

>> yes.

>> how about hoda?

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>> these are delicious sugar cookies .