TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Ben Affleck to live on less than $1 a day

E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles talks with TODAY’s Natalie Morales about the hottest headlines in entertainment, including Beyonce’s next studio album and Ben Affleck’s pledge to live a week on less than $1 a day.

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>> that's a wrap is brought to you by mcdonalds, the new premium mcwrap, experience a whole new way to eat at mcdonald's.

>>> now to "that's a wrap" a roundup of all of the hot headlines from hollywood. lisa from e! news. hollywood fans are anticipating the new album and some leaks of some of the songs but the newest song "standing in the sun" features in an h&m ad.

>> she was in collaboration with them and this hot video as you can see, the bikinis will be hold in h&m, 20% goes to charity b but beyonce is on the world tour , she's in paris with jay-z and looks hotter than ever in the video.

>> she looks amazing.

>> by the way pictures blue ivy as they were shopping in paris. she's growing up.

>> beyonce calls her my homie, my road dog , a very hands on dog, 16 months.

>> ben affleck the oscar winner apparently is pledging to live on $1.50 a day. what is this all about? it's great charitable.

>> it's called live below the line , take the challenge for the day, starts april 29th , you can do it for a week $7.50 for all of for the week, to support the congo. i did it for a day. it's different in new york.

>> what do you eat, beans and rice?

>> you're supposed to do it that way. doing it the day i have transportation and meeting wrgz there meetings where there's free food but ben affleck is raising awareness.

>> i hear he's soon to be dr. ben affleck , is that right getting an honorary degree at brown university .

>> getting an honorary degree at brown university at their graduation may 26th , honorary degree in the arts so he'll be dr. ben affleck so this has been his year.

>> on raehonorarily.

>> yes.

>> jessica alba is trending how she lost the baby weight after having her second child, her daughter in 2011 .

>> some people are saying it's unusual but i've heard this before. i think i did that for maybe two days. she wore a double corset day and night and doctors tell you some of them to hold it in because your stomach muscles have to recontract. it's hard for a woman to do but my sister did it. how long did you last?

>> i had a c-section so it's different the band helps you get it back in place.

>> i understand what you're saying. she did it.

>> she looks amazing, it's working. i think it has to do with genes more than anything else.

>> i do, too.

>> the rock apparently dwayne johnson had a little surgery this week.

>> he did.

>> this goes back to that bout that he had at msg.

>> for wwe.

>> whistlemania.

>> wrestlemania!

>> he tore some abdominal muscles . i interviewed him in miami. he said i'm going to do this the natural way and heal the natural way, not quite. he had emergency hernia surgery, we to do it so he says i'm doing okay. superman on the mend.

>> wearing the superman shirt.

>> he's very strong, had a team around him that focus on his food plan and working out.

>> he has a new movie coming out, got good reviews.

>> yes.

>> and "fast and furious" coming back out.

>> busy man.

>> and michael buble is guest host here as you saw on wednesday.

>> yes.

>> he serenaded some new york commuters, is that right?

>> he did, he was on 67th street subway line and he sang acapella. this is so buble. he told you he was going to do this.

>> so great, off the cuff and everybody loved this. he has a beautiful voice and michael said for him, this is what do you as a musician and if you're going to be michael as you have and been around him, this is him. he loves to have fun.

>> all right, alicia corals, great stuff thanks as always and