TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Canceled soap operas come back to life online

“All My Children” and “One Life to Live” are coming back to viewers digitally via iTunes and Hulu. Stars of the show join TODAY’s Natalie Morales to talk about the return.

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>>> well there's some great news for soap opera fans "all my children" and "one life to live" are coming back and going digital, available monday through thursday on hulu and itunes and eray ka the most decorated emmy winner in history, julia barr from" all my children" and leslie miller the host of more "all my children" and more "one life to live." welcome.

>> thank you.

>> the fans have spoken. there's a facebook page with some 4 million followers demanded this so now it's happening.

>> i know. thanks to rich frank and jeff who run prospect park . they made the effort. they tried to do it last year and it wasn't quite ready. they never gave up and we are coming back on monday, april 29th .

>> do the soaps pick up where they left off? victoria lord your character has been through it all.

>> not everything. i've been dead a couple of times. daytime you never die.

>> she's come back to life.

>> we pick up a few months in advance. they aged up our young people so they could go to the nightclub and get in trouble.

>> we pick up five years later so there's a little bit of, you know, suspension of disbelief but they also wanted to age some of the existing younger characters to bring on some other ones so we are five years forward from a catastrophic event.

>> leslie, you host the show "more." there's an online integrative component so all people can get involved.

>> two separate hours and this is an opportunity for our fans to really, really connect with our stars. it's interactive. through skype, twitter, facebook, our fans can ask julia and erica questions about, well, we won't give much detail about plot lines.

>> starts april 29th . thank you