TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Take 3: Boston magazine honors bombing victims

Boston Magazine used the shoes from runners in the Boston Marathon to form a heart on the cover of their latest issue. The image has gone viral.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, april the 26th, 2013 . we're on a three-day weather winning streak.

>> not bad.

>> inside studio 1a i'm willie geist and al roker and natalie morales and look who is here. tamron hall .

>> security let me in.

>> news nation is out in full force .

>> the news nation definitely.

>> let's get to our take three. take one is a story we've been talking about the furloughs because of the sequester that have led to delays and cancellations of flights at airports leaving people frustrated. last night, the united states senate took action to end this so we'll get a vote in the house, probably go through to get basically move some money around inside the faa to get people back in the control towers and alleviate some of the problems. i think we agree that's good news, get smers back, get people moving through the airports but people are pointing out this morning that it came about because of the outcry of people who use planes and left alone some of the other things, head start , preschool.

>> meals on wheels.

>> those cuts remain in place by the white house 's account, 70,000 preschoolers will not have head start because of what's happening due to sequestration. so a little imbalance.

>> the whole point of the sequester was that these cuts would be so traumatic for both parties, for the republicans and the democrats, that they would get together and come up with a deal, but now we're seeing this piecemeal where like you said air travelers, many business folks.

>> squeaky wheel.

>> the squeaky wheel gets the most attention and results and do we want our country to run that way? it's crazy.

>> so many are hurting from the sequestration. lot of people are losing hours, losing their jobs in the process as well. there has to be some resolution fairly quickly.

>> they're the silent victims. we're hearing about the air travelers because you have pilots getting on the planes saying that one hour delay, blame the u.s. government . but the head start mom i saw one story on a head start mom in ohio who is like i don't know what to do.

>> not to mention seniors who need meals on wheels. take two, a beautiful magazine cover, boston magazine one week after the events tributes pouring in around the country. the new issue of " boston " magazine a tribute. all running shoes in the shape of a heart, i think there are 120 of them, that they worked together to make that, those are all shoes that ran in the boston marathon , beautiful piece of art.

>> gorgeous.

>> the headline reads "we will finish the race."

>> they should put that in a museum. it's like an art installation .

>> when i clicked on the link you see beautiful tribute to boston runner, don't know what to expect and i clicked on it and you have that swell. i started tearing up but they're tears of joy because you know so many of those people will finish the race. there was a woman yesterday from rhode island she had her leg amputated from the knee down and talked about how frenliends and family helped her persevere, heather albott and she said i'm going to finish that race.

>> natalie, some people you talked to who have lost legs and said they're going to give me new legs and i'll make it across the finish line next year with my new legs.

>> just to see you heard so much the boston strong but you're really seeing it among the victims who they have a long way to go still emotionally, physically.

>> financially as well.

>> financially. this is just the beginning of what they have to face. the insurance won't cover a lot of the things that they're going to need.

>> we can't forget them. this will fade into memory and we have to keep remembering them because this is going to be something as we said something they're going to be dealing with for years.

>> a new reality. but to hear the positive message and in fact the mother and daughter who i interviewed you're going to see that again tonight on "rock center" to hear what they have to say, inspirational message and really they don't hate the bombers who did this. they say i believe you know that young man, those two young men were sick and that's really it. they don't hate them though.

>> pretty graceful. hopefully that iconic cover of " boston " magazine will help people remember.

>>> let's move to our take three a little bit lighter. if you want to feel old i'm about to give you a birthday. sunday marks the tenth anniversary of itunes.

>> wow.

>> it's been ten years --

>> i was 8 when they started that?

>> so you were a baby and you didn't know how to do math.

>> i come for the insults and free food thank you.

>> apple put together a multimedia timeline looking back at milestones from its ten-year experience. the idea, cds --

>> done.

>> i think for the most part we go online and buy singles. right? i take the songs i want.

>> and i've got all of these cds, what am i going to do? so many are probably duplicated. the itunes match, who has the time?

>> do you remember power records you'd go to the mall and a record store , yeah, $9.99. nobody know what that is.

>> lilo is 14 and doesn't know what a record is.

>> i heard vinyl is making a comeback.

>> the sound quality of vinyl is far beyond.

>> warmer.

>> it's much warmer and richer, you hear the base, you get all of that, where you don't get that.

>> i'm still holding out for the comeback of the laser disk .

>> the eight tracks.

>> that was a short window it was like a year.

>> it was like boom, giant platters. who thought that was a good idea? let me get something the size of my head, twice as big put it in there.

>> seemed like a good idea at the time.

>> at the time.

>> it kind of ended up being what we have new with blu-ray. isn't that the same technology.

>> smaller.

>> but mini.

>> you know how many songs you have, itunes.

>> i don't know the number.

>> i have the same playlist i have over and over again. i tend to go back to it.

>> i wonder if it's a woman thing or not. i have " tiny dancer " with elton dancer, i hear that over and over and etta james mostly consists of the next four.

>> last album you bought?

>> leila james i bought it yesterday.

>> online.

>> even a cd?

>> cd.

>> oh, do they sell them still?

>> sure.

>> it's probably eight, nine years. i'm going to say "mystical" maybe "danger."