TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow’s sheer dress and more celeb news

Entertainment, style and celebrity experts Dave Karger of Fandango, Michelle Beadle of E! News, and Lilliana Vazquez of tell TODAY about the latest news and trends to start your weekend off right.

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>>> let's get you ready for the weekend. we have three experts lined up to tell us what's new, what's up, what's in. we begin with dave carter , host of "weekend ticket" on fandango. great to see you.

>> you wias well. it's the last weekend before the summer season. "pain and gain."

>> mark wahlberg .

>> the true story of three gym rats, mark wahlberg , dwayne "the rock" johnson and james mackey . they go on a crime spree, one character is barbecuing a dead man's severed hands and the screen freezes and says this is still a true story just to remind you of how crazy it is.

>> the big wedding, this has a huge cast a number of oscar winners.

>> robin williams , robert de niro , and it's a cute movie. i was surprised how naughty it is, a lot of sexual humor, and bed hopping in the film but a fun, mindless comedy.

>> matthew mcconaughey , this is an independent film called "mud."

>> this is the best movie of the weekend. not playing everywhere but he's this guy living on the run living in an island in the mississippi river these two young boys happen upon him and develop a friendship with him. reese witherspoon is also in the film in a smaller role. she has had to cancel some of her talk show appearances.

>> she had a rough week.

>> following her arrest so she's not doing that much pr but a small role.

>> kenny chess know new album?

>> life on a rock" he's prolific, album number 16 , combines his love for island life and country life , duet with willie nelson , too.

>> we're out of time but battle round stars of "the voice."

>> knockout rounds.

>> sorry. i'm a big fan , too. savannah?

>>> lester, thanks. michele beadle is host of "the crossover" on nbc sportsnet.

>> good morning.

>> wedding bells , melissa gilbert and timothy busfield .

>> a lot of people were like that's interesting. they did it wednesday. what was interesting is she wore a strapless red dress .

>> not her " little house on the prairie o prairie" outfit.

>> this is a third marriage for both. they've been friends, reconnected later in life, got engaged in january and there they are.

>> two red heads and she wore red. gwyneth paltrow wore a sexy dress. i haven't seen it yet.

>> i need you to focus on the back side. this is antonio berardi dress, wore it to the "iron man 3" premiere. she wore it because the top is super hero . the sides all cut out. there's no undies!

>> whoa!

>> you can't wear undies with this dress.

>> you can but it won't have the same effect.

>> she's telling everyone i'm the most beautiful woman in the world.

>> if you got it, flaunt it. rihanna has ten billboard number ones .

>>> it's interesting because she beat katy perry . "stay" put her over the top . billboard has been keeping track of best pop artist on radio and she is the number one artist of all-time on pop radio , ten total hits. what's weird is if you notice the list, started back in '06 with "sos" no "umbrella."

>> and that never made number one?

>> it was not number one. that got me.

>> you always give me something i didn't. michelle, thank you so much. and now here's natalie.

>> savannah, thank you. finally what's in when it comes to fashion, food and beauty and style pert lilliana vasquez is joining us. black and white is the number one trend here.

>> it is. anyone can pull off this trend whether you want to do a dress, cool jeans from singer 22 or any black and white bangles.

>> you can find a price pointy where. jungle or tropical prints you are illustrating that point so well.

>> from palm prints to birds of paradise . i'm wearing it in separates, juicy couture and accessories, footwear.

>> and let's move on over here what is this look?

>> this is the bomber jacket. it's a little cold outside on the plaza. this is perfect and these are under $25 from forever 21 and

>> jewelry, the big cuffs are the rage.

>> you saw the stacked bracelets, it's over now, it's all about the cuff so stella and dot have them in every metal. how gorgeous are these?

>> i love those. om ombre is a trend from hair to clothing and nails.

>> you want to pick one color family and five different shades of that. put the lightest on your pinky, darkest on your thumb.

>> work your way down.

>> easy way to do it is nail stickers.

>> violet eyes in makeup.

>> added to your makeup. purple looks gorgeous on all eye