TODAY   |  April 26, 2013

Martha Stewart: I nearly signed myself up for

Martha Stewart sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer to discuss her new book, “Living the Good Long Life,” and gets surprisingly candid about her personal life.

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>>> stewart has mastered the art of home making and entertaining.

>> that's true and now she's focusing on health and wellness in her new book "living the good long life." matt sat down with martha to talk about the book and she was surprisingly candid about her personal life , too.

>> for someone who is as famous as you i'm often amazed so little is written about your personal life , your social life , and when i say that i don't mean the parties.

>> right.

>> i mean romantic social life .

>> well i had a long time boyfriend. that ended a couple years ago, and i haven't found the next mr. right.

>> do you like dating?

>> oh, yeah, love it.

>> do you really?

>> yes.

>> you're one the first people i've talked to who said i love dating.

>> i was thinking of going on

>> are you serious? you would go online?

>> i tried filling out the application.

>> did you go with an alias?

>> no, i want to do my real thing.

>> wait, wait, wait --

>> i went half way down the page it was impossible.

>> no interviewer can let that go. martha stewart went on as martha stewart ?

>> and imagine what the profile would be. interests, decouage, glue guns, gardening, crafting.

>> long walks on the beach.

>> chairman of a multibillion-dollar company.

>> it's really cool, matt was talking about this, he was surprised how candid she was about it. it's interesting.

>> we're not surprised. she's awesome.

>> we're going to try to help her meet her match.