TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Author: People in their 60s have sex too

Barbara Rose Brooker is the author of “The Viagra Diaries,” about one 65-year-old woman’s quest to find fame, fortune and love later in life. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that just because you’re getting older, you shouldn’t let that define you.

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>> . they call them the golden years for a reason, being over 60 can be a bright new beginning for many people, full of success, love and romance. we've got the proof.

>> that's true for barbara rose booker. the author of "the viagra diaries" it's been optioned as a tv series for hbo.

>> darren star , the creator, along with candace bushnell of " sex and the city ."

>> let's talk about the road, it was not an easy road for you to get the book published.

>> no, hello. i'm so happy to be here with you, two.

>> you give people hope saying i'm past the age that everything is going to ever happen for me.

>> it doesn't hurt that your daughter is a brilliant booking, is an agent. she was my agent for years, she saw the value that what you were doing.

>> she's the best. she's my boomer hottie. we're doing a boomer hottie thing togetherth and i have simon schuster.

>> you had simon schuster --

>> this was a self-published book that simon and schuster picked up.

>> it was a book that nobody wanted. they said nobody is going to want to read about people over 60 having sex , having hopes and dreams?

>> there was some interest, it it seems.

>> very much so. very much so. i mean not playing bingo and not defining yourself by age? that's the whole thing.

>> you write with such humor and honesty. you're writing about a lot of the experiences you've had.

>> tell us about the pro tag nist in this book.

>> anna applebalm is 65, refuses to be defined by age. she is not age-appropriate. she breaks all the rules. she wants sex, love, career, money, rock and roll . she wants it all.

>> she has a daughter. she has a daughter in the book who tells her what to do and she's 40. you know what i mean , that kind of thing?

>> and she has girlfriend who is try to tell her everything.

>> her boomer girlfriends over 60 and their things with their men.

>> then she meets marv .

>> marv rothstein, who is 70 in the book.

>> diamond dealer. handsome.

>> available but not emotionally.

>> exactly, exactly. handsome.

>> i've read this book.

>> that's for sure.

>> he's the cool guy, marv rothstein, he's the cool guy that a lot of women fall in love with and he's sexy, he's cool, he's afraid of age, but very early on, she finds out he's a serial j-dater, he's looking for the 30-year-old. and he's not available.

>> she's got a few surprises for him.

>> annie writes about him in her column.

>> 0 who is playing who? who is playing what role yet?

>> we don't know. you know, they don't tell me. maybe kathie lee may be playing her.

>> really?

>> they would have to make me look older.

>> hoda, there would be a part for you, too.

>> you would be great.

>> we're so happy for you. you are adorable.

>> coming up tomorrow. a great performance