TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Girl in bikini pranks guys with loud farts

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a funny video of a cute girl in a bikini pranking guys on a beach. She gets them to help her apply suntan lotion and then “farts” while they are lathering her up.

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>>> time for webtastic when we dig up the next video you'll want to forward to all of your friends.

>> this week, spring break fun.

>> this one's for you, kathie. the pranksters decided to find out what guys would do for a pretty girl in a bikini. in this case, a pretty girl with a stomach ache, check it out.

>> could you get my back and upper thighs, it would be amazing.

>> okay.

>> you go to high school or what?

>> i was born and raised in northern california .

>> did you fart?

>> you farted again?

>> sorry, okay. could you watch my stuff while i just run to the bathroom.

>> just really quick, i'm so sorry.

>> ah, sitting here with a girl, i may be here for a little bit.

>> i think she went to take a [ bleep ], honestly. she needed to.

>> nice meeting you, sweetie.

>> they couldn't pay me enough to sit there and do that, you guys.

>> how was she making the sound, do i want to know?

>> it was an automated thing.

>> that's genius.

>> and the guys stuck it out, they stayed there.

>> they don't care.

>> they don't care.

>> it was all about the bikini, but that's a deal-braker, is it not?

>> not for them.

>> no, no, no.