TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Son brings mom to NYC for Ambush Makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over two deserving women they found on the plaza this morning, including a mother from Iowa who hasn’t changed her look in more than 24 years.

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and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.

>>> welcome to our thirst-day thursday. two lucky women get swept into hair and makeup for a brand-new look.

>> he has a long-time girlfriend.

>> what if it doesn't work out.

>> working their magic is "today" contributor to the stars, louis la, la, la, la, la.

>> and "today" contributor and stylist, jill martin.

>> spring is in the air, they all have spring fever and so many people, so many women wanted a makeover today.

>> let's talk about carrie tilton, 36 years old from fort worth , texas, celebrating her 15 th anniversary. she said she jumped at the opportunity for a glam new look for her husband. let's take a listen.

>> well nanna and poppa watching the kids, so it's play time for you. happy anniversary .

>> thanks, we're just came to the show because we heard that "today" was makeover day and i was hoping that you would see opportunity in me and you did.

>> i love the way you put that. because we did see opportunity, you're so pretty, we're going to glam you up. what do you think about all this?

>> this is exciting and so much fun. i think she's already so beautiful but it will be fun to see her do something new and exciting and fresh.

>> ha do you think the kids will think.

>> i hope they love it.

>> they're sweet, jacob with his blindfold on. keep your blindfold on until we ask you to take it off. here's carrie tilton before and here's the new carrie .

>> oh wow!

>> oh, my gosh.

>> are you ready?

>> take off your blindfold, jacob, whoa, hello!

>> all right. you want to see yourself, carrie ?

>> oh, wow.

>> like kate middleton a little bit.

>> why don't you look at camera 12. tell us about her kate middleton locks.

>> it is similar. it's perfect. what i did is i made the top of the hair a little bit darker, you notice as it goes down, as it cascades down, she had some old highlights that i toned down because they were a little bit gray looking, too ash. and now the light golden brown , dark golden blonde color. then bridget --

>> love bridget .

>> layered her hair around her face. gave her those great bangs, the easiest way to change a style.

>> what do you think?

>> it's, it's -- it's amazing, more than i would have thought. it's so ex-siting for her and i think it's great.

>> jill, that dress is such fun, by the way.

>> well red for anniversary. and lace to be trendy of course for spring. this is from london times , she's such a tiny waist, it came with a thin belt, i added a thicker belt.

>> of course you did, that's the way you roll.

>> you know your accessories.

>> and the jewelry is kendra scott.

>> carrie , come join your husband right there.

>> great you.

>> and our second lady is kim waterman from bettendorf, iowa. her son begged us to upgrade her look.

>> well, kim just said to jimmy, i really liked you with your long hair. you looked hot. but i like you with your short hair, too. but now it's your makeover turn.

>> i'm so excited.

>> tell me why you want this so badly.

>> are you kidding me? i would just love a makeover. yeah. learn how to put makeup on.

>> i know you want this for your mom, you made this sign. i don't believe you made it, because it's got bubble letters.

>> she's had the same style since i was born, 24 years ago and she watches the show every day. and i'm very excited.

>> are you excited for your hot new look?

>> yes, i'm very excited.

>> what an adorable son you are, michael with your blindfold on. here's the former kim waterman. and let's bring out the new and improved kim waterman.

>> oh, my gosh. wow.

>> what a difference.

>> all right. michael you can take it off now, hon, give it a look.

>> you look great.

>> are you ready to look, sweetie? come on over and turn around.

>> you look so chic.

>> everything.

>> look at that.

>> turn around and look at camera 12.

>> what's wrong, michael . what are you thinking?

>> i hope my dad's watching.

>> she looks fantastic.

>> kim has it going on as they say.

>> is this great or what? bridget gave her this great haircut. it reminds me of the '60s, like an old twiggy haircut but updated. and a hair color that's too light, the same color as your skin. making the hair color darker, she just popped her skin and it's all accented by the makeup.

>> and i love this dress.

>> look at that body.

>> it's from london times , color blocking for spring. our favorite colors, turquoise white and black. and the earrings are roberta chiarrella, under $50.

>> say hello to everybody. if you can find your way to your admirers. congratulations. thank