TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Quick, creative food fixes for kids, guests

Lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky shows how to throw together quick and tasty appetizers, snacks and drinks when your kids come home with a bunch of friends or you have unexpected guests stop by.

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>>> talking about fast food . sometimes your neighbors drop by unannounced.

>> so rude!

>> and it's always good to have some snacks ready.

>> or send them home. here with creative ideas is lifestyle expert maureen trosky -- apparently that's her real name.

>> things you can whip up quickly.

>> i have tips that make it look like you were ready all along. bread, everyone has bread at the house, i like to keep a baguette in the freezer just for these occasions. we've got white toast, wheat toast.

>> a little honey on the apples and cheddar. cut on the angle. olive oil .

>> lunch meat. voila --

>> this is -- honey glazed ham . we slice it about an inch thick.

>> stick it on the skewer. we call these pin wheels. they're not fancy. skewer. we have the tomato, you can do an olive. you can do --

>> something that everybody likes.

>> you can do salami, cheddar.

>> that looks very good. i might nibble at that. this is a great way to present these pigs in a blanket .

>> hoda's favorite thing with a little mustard.

>> i know.

>> wine glasses to put out bread sticks , simple enough. pigs in a blanket . which happen to be hoda's favorite and we used parchment cups like you would get pommes f rites in.

>> freezer to fabulous, we're creating height. using cakestands and these are little mini quiches from the freezer.

>> where do you get those?

>> costco.

>> these are in every single grocery store.

>> pigs in a blanket . everybody things they're for kids, but they're for the adults, we know.

>> this is one of my favorites. when the kids come home and say tomorrow can you make 22 snacks for my class?

>> moms, we love this. this is a simple idea that anyone can do with almost anything in the house. moms do have pipe cleaners, we roll it up. we made little butterflies here. we've got raisins, dried fruit , chex mix .

>> you can roll it up.

>> i'm giving you a test, you can handle this, right? goldfish on one side, and you make --

>> burls.

>> so it doesn't get all mixed up.

>> i'm not finished yet, i'm eating.

>> you can choose fruit, from the pantry, refrigerator, you can put cheese cubes in there, too. and of course, sangria