TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Anthony Mackie jokes ‘I named my dog Hoda’

The charming and funny Anthony Mackie plays a body builder turned criminal in the new movie “Pain & Gain.” He stops by Studio 1A along with his dog, who looks almost exactly like Hoda’s new pup, Blake.

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>> moment.

>> what are you stroking?

>> a microwave?

>> this is my little puppy.

>> honestly?

>> he looks just like my blake .

>> my little girl brought blake a gift, huh? a little cookie for blake .

>> when did you get this cute little dog.

>> i got this puppy about a year ago. i named her hoda. but then i found out your named your dog blake , so i changed her name to kathie lee .

>> that is the cutest dog.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> i saw a picture, a friend of mine emailed a picture of you with your dog and i almost fell off my couch.

>> they look like twins.

>> we're connected at the hip.

>> we have new orleans and we have our baby. look, look at the comparison.

>> with the white here.

>> exactly.

>> it's weird.

>> did you have trouble getting her weaned, not weaned, but trained and all that stuff?

>> yes, it was difficult to stop breastfeeding.

>> now hoda do with blake , because nothing else is working.

>> little kathie is fine, she literally just sits on the couch all day like the little princess that she is.

>> as she should.

>> let's talk about your film.

>> "pain and gain."

>> that makes it look like it's a comedy.

>> it's a fun movie. it's a true story . it's about the son jim gang, these guys in miami in the '90s, that wanted to achieve the american dream .

>> meaning?

>> girls, chicks?

>> no, my character, adrian is kind of like the grounding force of the crew.

>> i guy named dorbel --

>> patient.

>> his goal was to get -- money so that he could take care of his family. he wanted to buy a louse with a little white picket fence , he wanted to take care of his friends.

>> so the ends justified the means?

>> yeah.

>> it's not all sunshine and roses.

>> it's brutal.

>> it's about guys who kidnapped and extort and murdered the guys they're training. it makes sense in a lot of ways. the thing that michael bay did who is so amazing.

>> he's the director?

>> yes. he made you feel comfortable with these guys and what they did he made them relatable.

>> but that's, there's not a dang anywhere that that we start glamourizing people like that?

>> there's no glamour in that. the great thing about people, you have to understand what put them in that position.

>> use humanity.

>> the h word . you're just rolling today.

>> i've never been the same since he threw me over his neck and had his way with me.

>> when i see you two, i think of that.

>> . like the corners of my mind

>> do we have anything else