TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Kathie Lee, Hoda: Celebs should lighten up

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Beyonce wanting to ban photographers from her new tour and Jennifer Lawrence making fun of herself while flubbing an award speech. Kathie Lee says celebrities are more likeable when they’re able to have fun with themselves.

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>>> hey, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday, what day is it, hoda?

>> it's april 25th , 2013 .

>> the day my spanx are showing a lot.

>> even more than normally.

>> my dress is too tight.

>> everything is too tight, i shouldn't have worn it and that's the problem, i won't bend at all. okay. beyonce is stirring it up yet again. yesterday, we talked about how she didn't like unflattering photos being taken of her at events.

>> who does.

>> these were a little frightening.

>> that's her choreography.

>> that's life. that's a new thing where she's banning photographers from her concerts and she will give a couple of photos that her own photographer is taking to the different news outlets.

>> to like getty images and a.p.

>> she wants control over her images. now that means every person who is at the concert with an iphone, will, will suddenly could be very rich if they snap the right picture and sell it to the right magazine.

>> you're make a whole new world of paparazzi. because in the past when people took these pictures, they would come along and confiscate your film. but now, they are not allowed to take away your phone. even though you're not supposed to be taking pictures at any of these events. she performs in huge --

>> i can't imagine they would ban cameras from those kinds of things.

>> what do you make of what's happening?

>> i think it's disturbing, she's getting insulated and as a result of getting insulated, you get isolated. you have to keep perspective in this life if you're in for the marathon. you really, really do. i think she's started out with like so many do, just so solid. she came out, came out singing in church, was raised right from wrong. i'm not saying she's gone off the deep end. i'm saying there are signs that she's becoming more and more --

>> controlling. yup.

>> you can't control life, you can barely, you can't control the weather , all you can control are your own choices, your own decisions. and it just, i don't want her to become like some of the other people that we liked at the beginning then we see them change so much. we can't even relate to them any more at all.

>> what makes people relatable, i think are their mistakes and their whoopcies and their flaws and bad pictures and jennifer lawrence is a case in point. yes, she messes up all the time and she doesn't care.

>> she lets it work for her. she's honest about it.

>> and reese,o witherspoon.

>> jennifer lawrence flubbed bill clinton 's name when she was introing him a couple of days ago.

>> bill or clinton?

>> she messed up bill.

>> now some other tape has surfaced of jennifer lawrence when she was winning some --

>> you said michelle.

>> i screw up every day, too, and we laugh about it.

>> it's human and adorable.

>> let's look at the l.a. critics award in january.

>> thank you, bradley, i just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today. i think we should break up. i need to take a break walking up here really -- okay. sorry to everyone i shook hands with, i'm sick, so you're screwed. i'm sorry, my heel fell, god, sorry. i'm like all three of the stooges right now. i'm on sudafed. i don't know how to recover.

>> you're fine.

>> am i? i'm afraid to look at you will all of you.

>> she's up there receiving an award. so it's endearing, it's endearing. i think there's a little back-push against gwynneth paltrow winning the most beautiful woman on "people" magazine, too. we talked to a representative from the magazine yesterday. i knew it would happen because there are certain people, whether it's fair or unfair, there are polarizing for whatever reason. and the more --

>> anne hathaway .

>> the more you can just seem like you're just like everybody else . i mean everybody knows you're living in a mansion. you're driving -- you know, you've got the -- everybody knows nobody comes out of the womb looking that perfect, except for my children. but when you have a self-deprecating attitude towards it --

>> it takes the edge off of everything.

>> last night.

>> we were busy.

>> we were unbelievably busy. let's give a shout-out to bobbie, who had a great book party.

>> that was a myriad of things.

>> we have a couple of foits of this, she had a party at henri bendel .

>> we don't go there enough to know how it's actually announced.

>> look at the book and how it's strategically placed.

>> and a good gang came out to support bobbie.

>> and it was a lot of fun.

>> it was in dallas. it was a beautiful, beautiful, we're so happy for her, the book's doing great.

>> and we went to broadway before.

>> yesterday --

>> i returned my, my belief in theater, because i'm not wild about what, you know, the theater season so far. yesterday we went to see an absolutely brilliant show called "pippen." it opens tonight at the music box theater . it's an older show. i think it's been 20 years since it's been revived. it's terrific. it's got a great score by steven schwartz and terrific performers.

>> and it looks like cirque du soleil . when you're watching it, you don't know what's happening. people are jumping through hoops, there's fire.

>> cirque du soleil and sigrreid and roy.

>>> my traffic last night, my friend is one of the many producers of a show that opened last night. "a chat with sue engers." bet midler's return to the stage called "i'll eat you last." hollywood is a cannibal and it eats everybody. she was on the stage by herself for almost 90 minutes . bette , i only met sue mengers , i didn't know her very well. i know bette a little bit more. so much of bette comes through sue. it is his carically funny. it's profane. it is so funny. you better go to the potty first before you --

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> was it a star-studded event?

>> it was, it was. one of those -- and the most embarrassing thing. i sit, talk about embarrassing. i jeffrey was my the producer for my show, "scandalous." he said you be my date. after running all of those blocks, he said get there at 6:30 because they're closing the doors. i get out of the car and run. i get there in time for -- never mind. the guy takes me down to my seat. it's right down in the second row and i'm thinking gee this is better seat than i had for my own opening night . guess what? it was too good to be true. because it wasn't my seat. so i was sitting there and everybody is looking there, her? great seat. and i'm going uh-huh, yeah. and all of a sudden -- you get that -- oh no.

>> i'm sorry, they gave you a wrong seat.

>> and i said that's okay. and whatever. i get up and i go and as i'm walking, never mind. all the way around the theater to the other side. and not such a great seat. anyway the guy whose seat it was comes all the way over to me says you forgot something, holds up my purse. i left my purse.

>> hello.

>> hello.

>> it was one of those nights.

>> you laugh about it and say, you're not hot stuff, missy. you're just lucky to be there. i'm happy for my friend with this one.

>> keeping the broadway theme going, my i-hoda playlist --

>> i thought we ran out of time.

>> we didn't run out of time. this is one of those oldies but goodies .

>> i don't like the rap.

>> here's an oldie but a goodie. hit it. pretty soon you'll take a ride and then she said just because you've become a young woman now there's still some things that you don't understand now before you ask some for his hand now keep your freedom for as long as as you can now my momma told me you better shop around

>> we saw this at "motown." just one thing i want you to know now just as sure as the wind's going to blow now

>> okay, i love it. today is take your daughters --

>> and sons.

>> to work day .

>> jim murphy is one of our editors and he's here with his daughter, shannon. jim is such a good guy, he edited our five-year anniversary and shannon is a budding editor.

>> it's the fourth thursday of every april.

>> so welcome.

>>> okay or not okay -- is it okay to reveal your weight? let's find out.

>> hoda and i, we're comfortable revealing our weight on our show, but not all women are, hoda and shouldn't be required to. i mean it.

>> all right, fine, whatever you say. of course it is, okay? 148 pounds.

>> liar.

>> no, that's exactly how much i way.

>> liar.

>> okay, 150.

>> 122.

>> in my dreams.

>> the kentucky derby thing coming up?

>> we have our kentucky derby hat contest. go to our website,, and submit a photo of your original creation, get crazy. you have until tomorrow. and you may just be sent to the kentucky derby .