TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Spice up dinner with a Mexican molcajete feast

Christy Vega introduces a delicious Mexican meal the whole family will love – chicken, steak, and shrimp served in a traditional Mexican stone bowl called a molcajete.

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>> this morning on "today's melting pot ," mexican favorites from chef christy vega. good to see you.

>> nice to see you.

>> so this is really interesting. these recipes were served at your family's table.

>> exactly.

>> this is this dish and it's made out of --

>> usually used to make guacamo guacamole.

>> but also as a serving vessel because it keeps the food nice and warm.

>> how do you make it?

>> we'll start with marinating our meats. and you can use any type of meat you want. we brought chicken breast , lean steak and tiger shrimp .

>> same marinade for everything?

>> yeah, a little bit of olive oil and garlic. and we keep them in their own so they keep their own authentic flavor.

>> and how long do you marinate this for?

>> about 30 minutes .

>> in the fridge or on the table?

>> in the fridge. always better. so i'll go ahead and add the ingredients if you would stir.

>> okay.

>> now we're going to make our sauce. we'll start, we have the oil already heated. and we'll add a touch of flour.

>> any kind of oil you like?

>> canola oil .

>> like a neutral oil.

>> and we'll add our chili paste to it. you can use a little powder, add some water, make your own. yep, go ahead and add a little bit.

>> okay.

>> perfect.

>> that's fragrant.

>> we'll cool it down and add a little bit of water.

>> and you get a lovely facial at the same time.

>> there we go. and some chicken broth . and to intensify the flavor, we'll add chicken base which is concentrated chicken broth . it is a great flavor.

>> okay.

>> and then lastly, we'll add some cumin, which is a great mexican spice used in almost all of the dishes.

>> so you're going to cook that down.

>> cook it down five to ten minutes. here's the finished sauce. and to this, if you could add a little bit of black pepper and mexican oregano .

>> you can't find mexican oregano , regular?

>> perfect.

>> and now our sauce is done. and we'll go over to the grill where we've got our chicken grilling, our shrimp grilling, and we already have our steak.

>> this is --

>> this is anaheim chili which we stuff with queso.

>> if you could cut the steak into little ribbon pieces. and i'll go ahead and pour this in here. and we'll pour it about half way. there. great. and to this now we'll add the steak.

>> okay.

>> that you cut in.

>> all of it?

>> yeah. maybe half.

>> okay.

>> great. and we'll do the chicken. perfect. and the shrimp. you're really fast at this. and then we'll add the that on top. and we have -- it already made. and how you eat this is with tortillas and you eat like it a fajita. it's great. you know, i make a big version of this and put it on my table and the kids, i have three boys, they kind of pick and choose.

>> it's like making your own taco sort of.

>> it is. it is. and this is something that my grandmother always had in her kitchen. it's a main staple.

>> and in your lifetime you've seen how mexican food has become mainstream.

>> it has. and it's changed and i think it's really great to highlight the mexican dishes that are good for you and not covered in cheese or fried.

>> let me top those, if you will.

>> oh, okay. what goes in them?

>> you top a margarita with to make it a cadillac margarita.

>> cheers. all right.

>> cheers.

>> we'll try that.

>> this is fantastic. thanks so much.

>> thank you. nice to see you.