TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Eco-friendly gadgets and gear to green your routine

Clint Carter of Men’s Health shows off an array of gadgets and gear, including bamboo speakers, sunglasses, home composters and fun toys for kids, that will make your daily routine more environmentally friendly.

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>> now on " green your routine today." gadgets that make it easy to be green . clint, good to see you, man.

>> good to see you.

>> we're going to play with toddlers in a sand box in a minute, but i think a lot of people think going green can be expensive.

>> that's the idea we want to debunk. we want to show it's really easy, not expensive. there's a lot of easy things you can do to go green right now. composting is a great example. you put one of these made out of bamboo, got a charcoal filter to suck up all the stink of your banana peels and coffee grounds . great thing, only $50.

>> and what do you do with the stuff after you compost it?

>> take it out to your real compost then. the problem is what do you do when you're piling up trash on your kitchen counter . that's where people get hung up. another great thing. people don't realize americans throw away 38 billion empty water bottles every year. the way you get your number down to zero, the answer is simple, $10 for a reusable bottle. it's got a water filter on the cap. another great way to eliminate your daily waste is with, you know, reusable sandwich bags, snack bags, every day you're throwing away a plastic bag , that's a great way to do it. organic, cotton, very green .

>> sunglasses can be green ?

>> absolutely. this is one that men's health loves. panda, when you buy a pair of these glasses, they're going to give a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need, but as far as going green goes, they're made of bamboo. you know, they float, they're very green and they look sharp .

>> they look good for a pair of bamboo sunglasses. bamboo theme i'm noticing.

>> the reason being that an acre of bamboo produces 20 times as much timber as traditional trees.

>> okay.

>> it's a renewable resource . this is a very smart idea. a speaker system that uses no electricity, the same kind of amplification like an accostic guitar.

>> nothing else in there?

>> no, you can take that to your cookouts, your campouts.

>> and that's like, what, $25, right?

>> right. really cheap. just bamboo.

>> cool idea. bamboo chairs.

>> bamboo chairs, as well. great one, makes your backyard look like a tiki bar . get the drink ready.

>> this is a good summer chair and not as expensive as other chairs.

>> looking at $120, $150 for the more expensive ones.

>> let's go to the small table.

>> the children can also be totally green .

>> this is will, nina and mane.

>> they're saving the planet.

>> yes, they are.

>> the sand box , the toys they're playing with, even the frisbee made from recycled plastic.

>> it's all right, will. are.

>> of course, kids themselves are a renewable resource , also very green .

>> do you think they're conscious right now they've gone green or just eating sand.

>> you can tell they're thrilled.

>> that's a cool sand box .

>> and last, you've got your green commute. switching to a bike just a few days a week instead of driving is one of the best things to do for the environment. and you know, instead of burning gas here, you're burning belly fat. the jacket here is 100% recycled nylon, polyester, the bike, only $200, and the lights run on solar power . you charge them up on the way in and they light your path on the way home.

>> little will has given up on the cause of going green . he's turned on all of us.

>> it's too much work.

>> great to see you. thanks