TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Fast fixes for fashion problems

Being fashion forward is not always problem free. Lilliana Vazquez of shares what to do when facing issues with your hemline, heels, and more.

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>> this morning on "today's style," fast fashion fixes for your wardrobe malfunctions. lilliana vasquez is here. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> these are easy, do-it-yourself tips.

>> all about mending, not spending.

>> we've got this sweater. how many times has this happened to you? you snag your sweater.

>> don't cut it. that's the worst you can do.

>> take a bobbie pin, you want to thread it back through to the inside of the garment.

>> okay.

>> pop off that pin like this. then if it's long enough, you can tie a knot. exactly. that's going to stop the run. and to make sure it doesn't come unravelled again, just take any clear nail polish , dab it on the knot and also right at the base of the snag. super simple.

>> great tip.

>> love it.

>> okay. now, summertime in our heels and sandals stepping out to the grass and have that issue where your heels dig into the grass.

>> you get shorter. i don't need that.

>> there is a solution for that.

>> there is.

>> these are called sole mates, and they --

>> plastic caps.

>> and you pop them on your heel. the thin heels they fit, these are great for summer weddings. they stabilize and protect the shoe at the same time.

>> cool thing.

>> really cool thing.

>> next, if your shoes get scuffed, get on the tops here or around.

>> exactly. wear and tear . people think they can throw them out, donate them. i say keep them and use a diy trick i discovered. if you have scuffs, you want to use masking tape or painters tape to any area with damage. then take any permanent marker and then literally color in. you don't even have to be proper about it. go like this, cover the entire shoe area. and what happens --

>> it looks like that.

>> and they're a huge trend in fashion.

>> you're so on trend. perfect. now if your skirt is too long or you need to hem something, you can do this pretty easily in a jif.

>> if you don't have time to take it to a tailor, use double-sided adhesive tape . this little gun, you can pull it out. however much you need, cut it right there, and then kind of figure out how much you want to hem it, flip it over, put down the tape right here.

>> right.

>> and then what you're going to do is peel off this adhesive because it's a double-sided and you need it to stick and then the trick with this is it's only temporary. but take an iron and actually iron it down a bit. and it gives it a clean line to look more professionally done.

>> okay. now how many times have we had with linen and cotton, you get those wrinkles.

>> exactly. don't pull out the ironing board . you don't need all of this.

>> you don't.

>> you can take your straightening iron and actually iron out wrinkles on a cotton shirt like this. low setting is key and it's faster and quicker.

>> probably don't want to do it on silk or anything gentle.

>> no.

>> or you can always spray out, as well.

>> okay. next. this is for fixing those zippers.

>> broken zippers. don't throw out your jeans, you can fix them. all you need is velcro, cut it down to fit your fly whatever size rise, and peel the backing, stick it down, that way when it clothes, you have a fly that's totally sealed.

>> many of us have our favorite pair of jeans. don't get rid of them.

>> don't get rid of them.

>> we have a lot of different heel heights and jeans and sometimes you want to wear your high shoes or your flats, but the jeans --

>> exactly.

>> the hems don't always work.

>> these are hem gems. they're almost like those old-school tie tacks. so you cuff the jean to the length you want for your flats, pop one in here. i suggest one in the front, one in the back and two on the sides and then you pop that backer right in until it clicks and you have a little decorative element. not only functional but fashionable. two on the side one in the front one in the back --

>> and doesn't last forever.

>> exactly, when you're ready to wear your high heels , you can take them off.

>> sandals, summertime, sometimes stinky feet .

>> don't want those.

>> there's a way to save you from that.

>> yes, microfiber insoles are the key here. these happen to be from you can also cut the toes and slip them into flip-flops you have. you can wear them all summer.

>> last but not least, strapless dresses known for falling and pulling them up, you've got a trick for that too.

>> yes, these are a super strength adhesive, stick it on to the skin right here. then what it's going to do. oh, fashion not function. sorry, ladies. then you stick that --

>> how indecent of us.

>> stick it on right here. you do it on the other side, as well. and it'll help your strapless stay up all night long.

>> perfect. great solution.