TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Virgin America wants passengers to ‘get lucky’

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including Virgin America’s new seat-to-seat delivery service that allows passengers to hit on other passengers by sending them drinks, meals, and snacks, which Al dubs “Creepy Air.”

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>> i'm willie geist alongside al roker and natalie morales . let's get to today's take three and begin with the opening of the presidential library for president george w. bush . matt sat down with the former president this morning on "today." got a chance to talk to him. also, speaking to three generations of bush women. sitting down with the former first lady barbara bush , former first lady laura bush and jenna and barbara. the quote of the morning, this is blowing up the political world . already is the question matt put to all the women, should son jeb bush run? and wait until you hear barbara bush 's answer.

>> mrs. bush, would you like to see your son jeb run?

>> he's by far the best qualified man, but no. i really don't. i think it's a great country, there are a lot of great families, and it's not just four families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified. and we've had enough bushes.

>> the big line that you're going to read everywhere today, "we've had enough bushes."

>> uh-oh.

>> and it was only this morning that president george w. bush said, yeah, my brother ought to run.

>> got to listen to your mother.

>> you wonder if jeb really wants to run.

>> maybe he asked his mom to say that for him. i don't know.

>> barbara bush is known to freelance a little bit. we should say that.

>> she was the original.

>> she's blunt.

>> honest.

>> she's off-cuff and doesn't worry about what everybody else thinks about what she says. god bless her. she's honest.

>> and i was wondering when she said there are more than four families out there. i was wondering if that was maybe kind of a, you don't need a life of a former president to run.

>> bush versus clinton, she doesn't do talking points. we know that.

>> but if he does want to run now, you know, i guess that's something that may live on.

>> how do you walk back your mom. you can't.

>> my mama said --

>> you can't do that.

>> especially when your mom is barbara bush .

>> i know.

>> i think she wins all these arguments.

>> a huge day. we're very happy for our friend jenna bush and the bush family .

>> she had a baby 13 days ago, i kept looking at her like, wow.

>> she's going to zip right back to that baby.

>>> our take two on a had completely different note. tell us what you think about this one. we've had a lot of complaints about air travel . some are saying this is a glimmer of hope. i'm not sure we all agree on the set. virgin america , richard branson 's airline is launching a new seat to seat delivery service for u.s. passengers who want to hit on their fellow passengers.

>> creepy air.

>> the boss explains how his passengers as he describes it can get lucky.

>> seat-to-seat feature, the america airlines system, just order a drink, meal, or snack, select his or her seats and don't forget to seal the deal with a suggested seat-to-seat chat. i'm not a betting man, but i say your chances deplaning with a plus one are 50%.

>> he's saying, listen, on virgin america , he said in the past, we don't frown on the mile-high club. if you're going to do it, we're not going to stop you. we don't knock on doors. this goes a step further, though. let me ask you, natalie.

>> a 50% chance of being grossed out.

>> let me ask you, some guy a row and a half up --

>> okay, two words, she's married.

>> well, that's even worse . how do you know -- is some creep sending you drinks? you're stuck there.

>> it's okay because richard branson said i could do it and i have a british accent . maybe we should get the dyson guy to clean up the plane afterwards. good god, man.

>> so you're against it.

>> totally against it.

>> totally.

>> here's the one thing. a lot of this is going to happen on the flight from l.a. to vegas .

>> vegas , yeah.

>> oh, you're going to see a classy group of people there.

>> well, you're going there to party, it's a 45-minute flight, why not get your trip to vegas off on the right foot?

>> i don't know if you want to use that phraseology.

>> friends for an airplane ride.

>> so no one --

>> no.

>> i think it cheapens. i know they're known for their cheap flights, but this takes it a whole other level. it really cheapens the airline. i think it's --

>> the good news is with the sequestration, you could be on that plane and creeped out even longer.

>> sitting on the tarmac for six hours.

>> people poking you.

>> sending you drinks.

>> next thing you they'll be coming up and going like this --

>> okay, i think we're against it on this panel. let's go to our take three. this clip is so good. a double-take for ellen . ellen had on her show kate mckinnon who does that amazing impersonation on snl. she gushed about her long-time affection for degeneres. so then ellen gave kate a new outfit and a chance to perform for ellen . watch this.

>> sit in my chair now.

>> this is great.

>> all right.

>> okay. that's a good stretch. okay. be kind to one another, please, adios, avocados. i'm vegan, i'm just kidding, i'm ellen . all right. before we go, there's one thing i've got to do, and that's dance.

>> here we go.

>> kate mckinnon is good.

>> she looks a lot like bieber.

>> it's the wig.

>> not quite right.

>> she put it on herself. but, yeah. that is great. the dance, just dead on.