TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Racer Danica Patrick: ‘We have fun’ on the track

In the thick of her first full NASCAR sprint cup season, Danica Patrick pays a visit to Rockefeller Plaza to talk about the sport and about being a female among mostly male drivers.

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>> good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> what a year this has been for you. should i read off the list? first woman to win the pole position at daytona, first woman to finish in the top ten. one of the first ever to lead indy 500 and daytona. is there something special about this year?

>> thank you. you know, i've got a great crew, great crew chief and we have fun. and i think that when you have fun, good things come from that. puts you in a good mood. and your performance shows for it.

>> you pretty much grew up in this sport. i know it was a childhood dream of yours. did you ever envision, though, you would reach the level where you are. and being a girl among many guys.

>> yeah, it probably wasn't until i was about 14 years old that i really even thought a lot about being a girl out there amongst a bunch of guys. because that's when tv started picking me up a little bit. so for me, it's normal. people ask what it's like to be a girl out there, i don't know any different.

>> we see some of this early footage.

>> look at the glasses.

>> i'm more blind now. these contacts, if they weren't here, i wouldn't know who you all were right now.

>> many people probably know you for your super bowl commercials . you appear in more super bowl commercials than any other celebrity.

>> oh, yeah.

>> what is that like? that part of your life?

>> godaddy's been good to me. we have a lot of fun with it, the commercials. have great results for them. i think this past year was 1.7 unique impressions or something like that for all the super bowl stuff. a lot of fun for me.

>> danica patrick , having a great year. thank you so much. she's making the ladies proud.