TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Former staffer: Library reflects Bush’s ‘personality’

Former chiefs of staff Andy Card and Josh Bolten and former commerce secretary Donald Evans were with George W. Bush during the most difficult times of his presidency. They talk about working in the White House and how well the new Bush Library describes his presidency.

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>> by three former staff members who played key roles during the bush presidency . i've got two former chiefs of staff , and the former secretary of commerce and a lifelong friend of george w. bush don evans . nice to see you guys, welcome. what do you think about what they've captured here?

>> this is a wonderful presidential center and the museum captures the responsibilities that george w. bush had as president of the united states . where you take -- go back in time and kind of feel the emotions when he had to make tough decisions. but the highlight is the decision points theater.

>> and josh, obviously there's so much made about the fact that when president bush left office, the approval ratings were a little bit low. do you think there is an effort -- the president will say no, but was there an effort here to look at the critics and say, here, here's some information. we want to change your mind?

>> no, i don't think so. i think this really is reflects president bush 's personality, which is here are the principles i had, the facts i knew, the decision i made. you make your own decision. but this is what i did. that's what i believe. and i think when people go through that museum and see, they'll see it's presented straight. it's not an attempt to advocate for what he did. it's an attempt to show what the facts were and the context was when he made the decisions.

>> secretary evans, i mentioned you're a lifelong friend. it's my feeling that president bush will dedicate this center today and then he'll step back again. and that he's not going to remain in the spotlight. do you think he's enjoying this phase of his life post presidency?

>> oh, he's having a wonderful time in this phase of his life. when i think about this center, i really think back, matt, when he was running for president. and he would tell the american people i'm from west, texas. the sky's the limit, you dream big , you're optimistic, you think big things. and when we started planning the library, it was all about dreaming big. and everybody that's been through here would say, you know, looks like you exceeded your dreams. but the one thing i really think this captures is i go through and been involved in, the people been involved in it, the love for america. and their love for president bush and mrs. bush.

>> the amazing moment a little later on when all five living presidents are going to be up on that stage. you guys have been there, done that. might you each want to get a picture with those five gentlemen?

>> it is a phenomenal privilege to be here with five presidents.

>> historic moment. totally.

>> josh bolton , secretary evans, andrew card , thanks, guys. appreciate it,