TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Barbara Bush: I don’t want Jeb to run for president

Three generations of Bush women – former first ladies Barbara Bush and Laura Bush and former first daughters Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush – sit down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer to talk about the new George W. Bush Presidential Center, life in the White House, and the future of the Bush family.

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>>> welcome to the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas. and welcome to a television first. i've been told by former president bush and some reliable sources in front of me here that this is the first time the three generations of the bush family have been together. let me see if i can get this right. mrs. bush, mrs. bush, mrs. bush hager , mrs. bush, nice to have you all here. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> what are your emotions, mrs. bush, as you watch the dedication of this library and you've been through this before. the dedication of your husband's library.

>> this may be one of our happiest moments. and we have a fourth generation. she just didn't bring her.

>> yeah, i wasn't sure whether to congratulate you all first on the dedication of the library and the center or on the fact that you are now a great grandmother --

>> again.

>> again. and you are a grandmother, and you're a mother and you're an aunt.

>> yes!

>> let's take that first. how are you feeling?

>> i'm feeling great. we left the little babe because this happens once and we would only leave the babe for my popsicle and be here today. but, of course, we love her, she's so darling and i can't wait until she meets her great grandmother.

>> your mom was glowing in an interview we did just a few minutes ago and barbara as an aunt, how are you feeling?

>> i'm thrilled. i was with jenna when mila decided to arrive early, which was very sudden and funny and sort of traumatizing in new york deciding if you take a cab to the hospital or what you do. but she -- it's the sweetest. and i'm very excited to celebrate her her whole life.

>> let me stay with the daughters. let's talk about your emotions about the dedication of your dad's library in this center.

>> well, of course we're so proud of him. we know him as our dad. and he's been such a terrific father to us for our entire lives. so when you walk into this museum and you see baby pictures of us with him, that's how we see him, of course. but more than that, we're part of the service to our country. and everything he did.

>> barbara.

>> absolutely. i think we're -- it's fun to celebrate him as a leader and as a values driven person and to relive so many of the memories we had when he was the president and see the positions that he took that we're proud of.

>> so much of this center is dedicated to the decisions he had to make and the tough choices and the difficult times that the country went through during his eight years in the white house . but a lot of it is also dedicated to what's behind us and all around us here, life in the white house . which is an experience that not many people get to have. what do you miss most, mrs. bush, about life in the white house ?

>> i don't miss one darn thing. not one thing. well, maybe the breakfast in bed, i guess. i don't really miss anything. it's dumb to miss something you can't have. and then, of course, we went back with them, so that was exciting.

>> mrs. bush, how about you?

>> the chef.

>> was there a special dish you long for even today?

>> well, just, they were terrific on every dish. i think some of them are here. i think the dessert chefs have come for the opening of the library. and i hope chris, the executive chef has come, as well.

>> and ladies, what do you miss?

>> well, we miss the people that work there. the people that worked at the white house were there when my grandparents were there. so we met them as little first graders and grew up with them. they became like uncles and cousins, and they're here today.

>> mrs. bush, i want to ask you about your husband, he had some health issues toward the end of last year and into this year. and i know and everybody's happy he will be here today. how is he doing?

>> he's great. he was here last night. it's just the darn legs won't work. but other than that, he's perfect. and he's sweet and loving and must be frustrating for him.

>> and you must be incredibly proud about what is happening here today.

>> very. but he's proud of all five of his children.

>> which brings one other question. if we are sitting here in the center, we're about 20 yards from the replica of the oval office . so will we see another bush in the oval office ? not this one here in dallas. i'm talking about the one in washington.

>> mila bush hager ?

>> mila bush hager .

>> i was thinking more near term. do you think jeb bush will run?

>> sure, he'd be terrific. a wonderful president. but who knows. we don't know and we're letting him decide.

>> the fact gammy didn't talk at all, i'm proud of you.

>> would you like to see your son jeb run?

>> he's by far the best qualified man, but no. i really don't. i think it's a great country, there are a lot of great families, and it's not just four families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified. and we've had enough bushes.

>> have you expressed that to him?

>> to everybody.

>> just on the "today" show.

>> no, he's the most qualified, but i don't think he'll run. there are other families. he'll get all our enemies, half of our friends, some of yours too.

>> well, again, congratulations on both fronts on the joyous news from you, jenna, and on the dedication of this facility. and this is a thrill for me. i get to sit down with three generations of bush women. thank you all so much.