TODAY   |  April 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence flubs speech, steals hearts

Actress Jennifer Lawrence won over the Internet yet again when she messed up her acceptance speech at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards several times. Citing decongestant medication, she apologized for the flubs and reiterated her gratitude.

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>>> and the acceptance speech by jennifer lawrence was spiking overnight. she began by thanking bradley cooper who had presented her with the award.

>> i just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today. so i do think we should break up. i need to take a breath walking up here really -- okay. sorry, everyone, i shook hands with. i'm sick, so you're screwed. oh, my god. i'm sorry, my -- god, sorry. i'm like all three of the stooges right now. i don't know how to recover. am i? i'm afraid to look at all of you. okay.

>> lawrence apologized for flubbing her speech but said she really was very grateful. more reason why we all love her. she's so real. 8:07 right