TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Use vodka to kill bacteria, freshen drapes

Lifestyle expert Bruce Lubin has some unusual but clever ways to remove stains, such as using toothpaste to clean silver and pantyhose to remove deodorant from shirts.

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>>> whether it is your favorite blouse or your grandmother's silver, there's no need to buy special cleaners. you can remove common stains but using things in your house.

>> here with clever ideas is lifestyle expert bruce lubin. he's author of "who knew?" 10,001, easy solutions to everyday problems. are there that many problems in the world?

>> way more, and all of them can be solved.

>> here, one on one.

>> all right. so how do you get lipstick off plastic.

>> booze-related tips, because i know where i am today. if you have lipstick, this is oil-based. but ace salt and water. then it goes into the dishwasher. if you put your nape with a sharp yik, salt and water, in the dishwasher, problem solved .

>> vodka, not just for breakfast anymore. this was under $10. think how big this is. one part of this to five parts of water. it is going to do some miracles. smell this, eight bit flunky.

>> is that from your house?

>> we don't want --

>> now it smells like vodka. it smells just like vodka.

>> in 40 seconds it's going to smell absolutely clean.

>> this is popular in your community?

>> you promise it doesn't smell like --

>> you know, in about 40 seconds it will stop snelling like vodka. you can spray it on your winter clothes . spray it on your pores to tighten your skin. get rid of mosquitos if you spray vodka, i kid you not. this is my wife's stains, you know deodorant stains, pantyhose, that will get rid of the stains.

>> do you do that for her at home?

>> you can use it to clean suede, candles, if you're -- and freeze it first.

>> clean candles?

>> yeah, before you wear them the first time, go to the warehouse, jeany will show you how to do this, then they won't run.

>> next time we want jeannie here.

>> of course, that's a trade up. this is baking soda . what i'm going to do is put this tarnish thing in here. it works for jewelry, all sorts of things.

>> if you want to clean your teeth , whiten your teeth, peel a banana upsidedown, there will be no strings.

>> that's how you don't get strings?

>> that's how you don't get strings.

>> running out of time . go.

>> and let's go back to this. can you see how cleaning that now? how about that?

>> just from baking soda .

>> you missed something here.

>> the potassium and manganese will whiten your teeth in about two weeks. if you have pen on your hand my kids can't seem to write without pen in.

>> it's a tea bag .

>> well, you need to tell us that.

>> and where are we looking? at you.

>> here's how you major your odetergent. borax and soda --

>> that will never happen.

>> i thought that was cheese.

>>> >>> anthony macke with us tomorrow. bye, everyone. bye, everybody. buy his book.