TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Why do men over 50 date younger women?

Ken Solin from AARP magazine and psychotherapist Rachel Sussman explain that many men who are older than 50 date younger women because men think a younger woman will let them control the relationship more and also increase their chances of having kids.

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>>> when you were in your 20s and 30s, your plan was probably to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. that's funny.

>> yeah. but more and more women are finding themselves on the dating scene in the boomer years, wondering why won't guys date women their own age.

>> what's with that?

>> don't say it wrongly, it's aarp magazine . nice to see you both.

>> ken's here for a good reason.

>> ken's looking for love.

>> you've been in the dating pool for many, many years. you're divorced, you finally hit the jackpot?

>> i did, and it's with a fellow boomer. i think the cultural history we share is terrific.

>> you were air you were young -- were they bouncer not boomer? s.

>> i mostly dated boomers, you didn't have to explain that mccartney was just a solo act.

>> i imagine it makes them feel more youthful.

>> absolutely. i think when you get out there and date and you're a man, i think there's a rumor that men only want to date women , and that scares women . it's not true.

>> as you evolved as a human being , has your thought process evolved as well? not just looks or firm bodies? have you learned something, ken?

>> absolutely. absolutely.

>> because he's adorable.

>> actually the woman i'm in a relationship now with is my very best friend , something i don't think i enjoyed in the past, so picking somebody who is also a friend, it's about trust.

>> camaraderie.

>> wasn't it intriguing to date a younger woman. when you look at pictures, they look just thrilled to be standing next to that girl?

>> no, really i didn't go there. i had one date with a younger woman, but that was it. it was too uncomfortable.

>> what's in it for the women when they're dating an older man? do they have their hand on the wallet? is it about that?

>> i think we live in times when people like to experiment with different things. i think a lot of women feel it is a status symbol to go out with someone older than them, and there can be some benefits, but the more you have in common with someone, the better the likelihood it will work out.

>> did you think, ken, 25 years now dating, that's what my life will be about, the serial thing.

>> well, it takes great stamina to stay in the pool, especially online. you have to take a break once in a while . i think online dating is terrific.

>> which ones did you go on?

>> aarp, in affiliate with -- i actually was on several web sites .

>> and how did you meet the lady you are presently with.

>> online umpts advice for men and women ?

>> well, take it slow. there's no rush. take your time, date different kinds of people. one of the great things about being, you know, a boomer and dating is you are free to date people that maybe you wouldn't have been able to date earlier your parents aren't going to tell you not to date --

>> your children or grandchildren may.

>> enjoy the process.

>> make a list of things you have to have, and stick with your lists.

>> great to see you both.