TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Timberlake among People’s Most Beautiful for first time

Julie Jordan, a senior writer for People magazine, chats about  the magazine’s Most Beautiful issue, which includes some surprising first-timers such as Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw and Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the upcoming movie “Man of Steel.”

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>>> as you might already know gwyneth paltrow was revealed as "people" magazine's world's most beautiful woman. she's having a great year.

>> there were a few surprises this time around. julie jordan is a senior writer at "people." hello.

>> this always cause as firestorm, because people's idea of beauty differs. it's a very subjective thing.

>> we never get arguments in the fall with the world's sexiest man.

>> remember who you're talking about i want but everyone is deserving.

>> beyonce was last year?

>> um-hmm.

>> how is she still not the most beautiful woman in the world.

>> it's a reign, and then you agreesfully step aside. send of like the miss america pageant .

>> tell us about the choosing.

>> this is her mom. "iron man 3" is coming out. her cookbook was on the number one list. she has really embraced her role as mom. i was with her, her kids came and played. they were gnomal kids.

>> how old?

>> she's 8 and 7.

>> she is liked like 25 years old.

>> it looks like she doesn't wear a lot of makeup.

>> her mom is a beautiful woman.

>> she says she works hard at it. this is her job, and she's first to admit that exercise sucks. she hates it.

>> does she do yoga?

>> the tracy anderson movement.

>> that makes her on some lists the most annoying. some people say i wish -- i'm not trying to put her down for it, but i'm trying to explain why --

>> she's a working mom, too, so she has guilt the same way as all of us do.

>> halle berry , first-timers like tim mcgraw and justin timberlake .

>> i tim credits his wife for changing his life.

>> he stopped drinking.

>> all healthy, and justin is with jessica. they really have a good relationship.

>> i love the fairy tales .

>> i do, too.

>> a couple seconds, but who is henry caviel.

>> he's the new superman.

>> tell us about him.

>> henry is adorable. it's fun. this year we asked everyone what have you learned to embrace about yourself? so traits and personality quirks, and he said he's a complete geek. i'm not sure we'll see him as a geek, but that's who he is on the inside.

>> julie, you're adorable.