TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

7 helpful ways to find flights, hotels

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel +Leisure magazine reveals useful travel apps and websites to make finding flights and hotels easier. She also demonstrates tools for navigating foreign countries when you need instant translation or aren’t sure how much to tip.

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>>> if you were planning your summer vacation, you probably noticed that airfares and hotel rates are pretty steep.

>> but you can save big bucks just by knowing where to look and where to book. here with the best web sites and app.s is sarah, "travel "travel & leash's" digital editor.

>> so you click online .

>> i have a couple great resources. the first is get going. this is for flights. if you're flexible and like me, you have a hard time deciding where you want to go. put in something like your dates and caribbean hotels. it would offer two different options. and then you put in all your credit card information, and it will give you one of the two options for up to 40% off.

>> wow.

>> so it helps you make that decision.

>> exactly.

>> there is no decision. it's right there.

>> it's nonrefundable, so make sure.

>> hoda, be care.

>> you want to see side by side comparisons, sometimes.

>> pinterest. if you love to find things online, it allows you to pin certain itinerary, share them with people you are hoping to travel with, and watch as the prices go up or down, so you're knowledgeable.

>> is this just a seasonal thing, or are there other factors involved?

>> there are other factors involved. of course there's price -- whether or not there's demand. there's --

>> so lots of things.

>> flights are changing all the time.

>> exactly.

>> if you want to pick a specific seat, if you like a certain seat.

>> hoda likes an aisle seat because her legs are so long and gorgeous.

>> put it's called so it will show you the seats where you'll have more legroom, better picks, so you'll never make that decision and never have to be in the back of the plane again.

>> if you're interested in being close to great food options, hip monk will show you a heat ma'am. on the areas where you want to visit. they also offer great discounts and they'll show you how other allegation grill gators are pricing that exact motel.

>> would you say if you were going to rome in july, would you book right now or wait to see what's going on?

>> i like to monitor thing over time to see how rates go up and down. and then, you know, the closer you get to the time, the more expensive your hotel will be.

>> the closer you get.

>> if you want to book a hotel, but don't care specifically i need to be in this hotel --

>> this is a fun website called guest mob. they group hotels together. so you can basically book a room, and sort of a collective, and then you get that rate at any group of hotels that you've agreed upon.

>> and if you're going overseas and have a language barrier, there an app. to help you out?

>> this is actually maybe you would have to see the video demonstration, word lens. it uses a video camera , and you live it up to the sign and basically translate it.

>> i've heard about this.

>> you'll never have to order that mystery meat ever again.

>> that's so smart.

>> great to see you. you've never looked prettier than today.

>> you do look beautiful today.