TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Marc Anthony: ‘I needed to miss’ music

Grammy-winning performer Marc Anthony talks about the premiere of his new single, “Vivir Mi Vida,” tomorrow night at the 2013 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and reveals why it has been so long since he released new music.

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>> marc antony will premiere his new single "vivir mi vida " tomorrow night during the 2013 latin music awards. marc anthony , good to see you. it's beening ing a long time.

>> it's been a minute.

>> we would love to hear more of your music more often. tell me about this new song, we're going to hear a little bit of that tomorrow night.

>> it's my first album in about ten years and i could not be more excited. "vivir mi vida " will be the first single, and i just think i recorded it at the right time. i was ready, i think, i think the fans are ready, and i go this process, i think, more than any other album i've ever recorded. and i think that it shows in the production. i almost feel bad that i enjoyed the process so much.

>> marc, a lot of your --

>> don't feel bad.

>> you mentioned the fans. a lot of them have been ask, why has it been ten years since we've heard a new album from marc anthony . what's the answer to that?

>> i just think everything has its moment. i think i needed to miss it. i think i needed to get the right songs. you know, part of my process is to choose songs and then live with them. and if i can -- if they survive the process of, you know, having lived with them for a number of years, i know that i want them to be a part of my life for the next 20 years. so these songs have all survived that process and when it comes time for me to record them, they're just mine. they're already a part of who i am. so, it's just my process, it's a very particular thing to me. but, you know what -- yeah?

>> i'm sorry, marc. i didn't mean to interrupt. i just -- you're there for the billboard latin music awards , and it would appear, latin music now is hotter than ever. it is now, it's mainstream music. it's all come together this year, don't you think?

>> absolutely. i didn't catch the last part of, just before you said, "don't you think," but latin music just in general represents a frame of mind . it's something that has, i've been proud to represent over the years. you know, the latin billboards this year, for an artist such as myself, it's a great excuse to come out and see your colleagues and your friends and hang out a little bit and celebrate all the work that we've done over the previous year. i'll be debuting the single "vivir mi vida " tomorrow night, which i'm really, really excited about. i'm just the right amount of nervous about it, but that always just makes me work a little bit harder. but it's great. all the way around, it's a great event and i'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

>> and you're up for tour of the year, we should mention, as well. now, we're also seeing some of the video of some of the great acts, some of the great people who will be singing there and performing tomorrow night. give us a little bit of a preview. who can we expect?

>> i think everybody.

>> pit bull?

>> without going into specifics, i think that truly, truly covers it. it always makes for an exciting night. and i think that the artists enjoy it more than people would expect. you know, you bump into all your friends and the hugs and kisses and it's like, it's just so rare that we get to get together. but it's an evening of celebration of music and the spirit of latin music . so it's one of the great events.

>> well, marc anthony , i think i speak for your fans around the world when i say, we can't way to hear the single and the new album coming up later this year. thanks for spending a little time with us this morning, marc.

>> thank you so much for your time. i'm looking forward to getting back home and seeing you personally.

>> yeah, come over to the "today" show, a little concert series that we have here in the summer.

>> maybe we'll see you this summer.

>> yeah, that, that came up today, and i think i'll be there.

>> all right!

>> a little breaking news there!

>> we just booked you.

>> so we'll see marc anthony this summer for the new album. meanwhile, coverage of the billboard latin music awards tomorrow night, 7:00, on our sister station , telemundo.