TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow named People’s Most Beautiful

Julie Jordan of People magazine talks about who is featured in the 24th annual Most Beautiful edition, and reveals why actress Gwyneth Paltrow was chosen to be the 2013 cover girl.

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>> the list 16 times, which is incredible, because she says she appreciates all the lines on her face. i'm not sure i've seen any lines. but she's beyond stunning. so there's always going to be tro room for her.

>> and channing tatum .

>> channing tatum , sexiest man.

>> does that automatically qualify him for this.

>> he says he's embraced he's kind of an extremist, he loves to work hard, and when he plays, better watch out.

>> i've met him a couple of times and he's a really lovely kid.

>> congratulations to him. another musician makes the list, one of our favorites around here, adele.

>> the lovely adele, she's so beautiful. i love that she says she used to wear minnie skirts with jeans, but now she lets her legs out and she should, she's gorgeous. she's a mom and has never been more happy than she is right now.

>> and tim mcgraw .

>> king of country.

>> and justin timberlake . and he's never been --

>> you've got sexy man in the fall, so beautiful people , justin timberlake , suit and tie , the video, he's back, he's beautiful. what are you going to say?

>> what is the criteria you use here? when you and the editors, the other people at "people" get together and try to come up with this list, what definition of beautiful do you use? obviously, it's not just physical beauty .

>> not just physical -- and it can't be, because there are way too many beautiful people in hollywood. you've got to find people who has kind of a good heart, who has a self-deprecating sense of humor. that's always nice. somebody who doesn't take it too seriously. that's important.

>> and you also like to come up with newcomers and there are a couple on the list this year. emilia clark is one of them.

>> from "game of thrones," she's so beautiful and kind of accepted the fact, if she'll be who she is, that will make everything a little less scary. she owns who she is and how she looks. she's amazing.

>> and also --

>> henry cavill , who i can't to the wait to see.

>> superman!

>> he says he embraces his inner geek. i don't think we'll see him as a geek once he becomes superman, i think that will be his own thing for the future. but, yeah, he's gorgeous.

>> can i put a bid in for a couple of other people who are not mentioned on your list?

>> please.

>> not to call you out on the carpet.

>> what about a young lady named louie lui sedanna, who happens to be to wife of mr. buble.

>> what do i do?

>> you've got six months.

>> i will start doing sit-ups.

>> if you were on the sexy list -- no question. i think it's natural. if channing tatum can do it, julie, michael can do it.

>> this is our cover guy, right here.

>> i promise you, if i'm ever on the cover, i will be fully clothed.

>> that will work.

>> julie jordan, thanks for always sharing the list with us.